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Trust Issues in a relationship............Sahar Gharachorloo (Life Coach , Trainer of "Law of Attraction , Triner Silva Ultra Mind ESP-USA, Reiki Grandmaster, Pranic Healer , Magnified Healer, Past Life regression therapist, Inner Child therapist, Crystal healing and dowing practitioner, Crystal ball gazer , EFT/TFT practitioner, Card & Coffee reader , Trainer quantum junping)

Trust  & Relationships

We  read and talk about relationships and their  nitty gritty quite often , out of every 10 topics people indulge in while having a conversation relationship is one most consistent and favorite topic, either we talk about our own or  often about others .

We hear people who were madly in love are suddenly strangers ....Couples getting divorce after decades of togetherness and the list goes on.

Though there are many reasons that help a relationship fall apart but one very strong and profound reason seems to be the trust issue , the old saying of where there is no trust there can be no love and there can be no respect usually rings a bell in our ears .

Trust is a very important factor in any form of relationship , whether it is with friends, family and our life partner or even at business and in professional relationships , the growth of the relationship can only happen if there is trust. Where there is no trust there are so many more complications and eventually the relationship would fall apart. 

I have observed a sense of distrust is of course a result of a bad past experience which has been so deeply placed in our system that once trsut is broken the individual who suffered would find it very difficult to trust the same person or even any other person in a similar situation again.

However this needs immediate attention and one has to consciously , continuously and deliberately make an effort to change in order to be able to trust again and as a matter of fact live a full life again. It is so difficult to be always on a defensive mode, to always watch out and be cautious of getting betrayed again , to always look over your shoulders and make calculative moves in order to avoid distrust or betrayal.

If you have suffered once from trusting a person it does not mean that it would happen again, you need to let your guards down and first check if it is you who can not trust or is it the other person who can not be trusted. You need to do a proper examination of the situation and a detailed introspection of yourself to know whose issue is it anyway?

If the issue is with you then this is how you can help yourself :

  • ·         Identify the source of the problem

  • ·         Keep watching your thoughts and your feelings and avoid creating stories and drama to prove that your partner is not trustworthy

  • ·         Keep reminding yourself that not everyone is out there to hurt you and betray you

  • ·         Try to know your partner and yourself better

  • ·         Set boundaries of what is acceptable and what is an absolute no

  • ·         Communicate with your partner and be honest with your feelings , do not bottle up as eventually that would lead to an explosion

  • ·         This one is a tough one but keeping in mind you can not know anyone 100% , give benefit of doubt

  • ·         Remind yourself it is so much more fun to trust and live fully and take chances rather than being always on guard and not allowing your emotional boundaries to resolve

If you are the person who cheated and betrayed and your partner has given you a second chance or you are in love with someone who had been previously betrayed and is still wounded then you need to:

  • ·         Accept your mistake and take responsibility of putting everything back on track

  • ·         Be patient, once you break someone’s trust it may take much more time than you imagine for your partner to be able to trust you again

  • ·         Be persistent by showing through different means and your behavior that you would never hurt him again.

  • ·         Be tolerant , your partner may try to test you or use hurtful words out of the pain you caused him , you need to understand the emotional pain takes time to heal and once we are in pain and have been hurt we usually give back pain

  • ·         Do acts, say words that shows you remember and understand the pain you caused and you are willing to undo that .

  • ·         Communicate as often as possible and ensure the issue is cured from the route cause.

Trust is one of the most ingredients of a healthy relationship ...Don’t abuse someone’s love and emotions ....It may leave scars that would leave it’s marks for a life time.


Law Of Attraction Workshop .....Sahar Gharachorloo


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We talk about affirmations and how they effect us, affirmations are positive phrases that work wonders in any aspect of life...we know that everything around us is energy and so are we, our thoughts too are very powerful vibrations that help us connect with the universe and when we give our thoughts a physical form and make them words combined with the energy of sound they become further more powerful and when we add feelings to it we start the process of manifestation of our thoughts and signal the Universe that this is an emergency call and we want what we desire asap...intact NOW!

Energy Healing Bliss is gifting all it's audience and followers few such powerful affirmations to welcome you to 2014 on a positive note :

**I have the ability to build mutually beneficial and awesome relationship with people in my career.
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** I am a healthy, jouyous person and live in abundance .

Please note affirmations are most powerful when repeated several times a day and for a continuous period of time ...

Have a rocking 2014..

Stay blessed

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Thank You 2013 .....Welcome 2014 !!

Thank you 2013.... 

The year of 2013 is coming to an end and with that an attitude of grattitude is setting in , grateful for all the learnings and all the teachings....grateful for the wonderful people i met along this 12 months journey , beautiful students , beautiful friends, lovely beings who came in my life and each one of them made me realize how blessed i was to have them in my life, all those who came and taught me new lessons and made me realize that Life is truly a never ending celebration ....Grateful to my loving family who at all the time did their best to their knowing to stand by me in all ups and downs....Grateful to friends and all beings who decided that they should teach me greater , tougher  lessons of life by exiting my life ....Grateful to all the acquitances who crossed my path and each one of them left me a message!
2013 has been indeed a turnning point ...I am greatful for the lessons I learnt , for more kindness, more patience, more joy , more happiness that it has offered me ¸grateful for the learnings that has brought me to know , acknowledge and accept everyone around me for who they are and to know , acknowledge , accept and love myself for who I am ....For making me the being I am and put me on the path i truly belong to....Grateful for being able to dig inside myself and accept my flaws and having the opportunity to change and improve.
2013 indeed has been a miracle year or at least finally a year that has brought so much light that i have started to recognize the miracles of life , the same magic i had been missing for many many years....
 I would like to show my gratitiude to all beings of Light and the to the Universe...gratitude to the Universal Supreme Power and all the beings of love and light that have been guiding , supporting , protecting and loving me through the turns of life....

And I welcome 2014 ....... I know it would be even better 

Relationship of love & respect....Sahar Gharachorloo( Reiki Grandmaster, Trainer : Law of Attraction, Silva Ultra Mind ESP, Quantum Jumping ,Absolute Freedom & power of subconscious Mind, Pranic Healer, EFT/TFT practitioner, Crystal Healing and Dowsing Practitioner , Aura reader , Past Life Regression and Inner Child therapist, Magnified Healer, Card & Coffee reader, Crystal Ball gazer)

Sometimes we over estimate the people around us, we give too much love and respect... And when we give so much the other person feels entitled, not realizing every relationship whether purely emotional, physical or even spiritual or a combination of all and irrespective of the type and intensity and the duration of the relationship ,is governed by same universal laws of balance, karma and law of attraction. Every relationship too is a two way traffic, when you underestimate the other person and start to feel entitled or when you start to manipulate day the other person would keep an end to it. If a partner / friend is ignoring the flaws and manipulations it does not mean he can be taken for granted all the time or the person is a fool. We also need to remember that law of Karma would ensure a bad act is somehow balanced , law of balance would ensure that the manipulator won't be able to pull it off for very long and law of attraction would ensure likes would attract likes so the manipulator for sure would have similar people in life..... But my message is for the person who suffered, don't feel used or abused, you had to learn a lesson and this is a part of life, people come and go no one is indispensable.....It may hurt but eventually you would know all that happens is for a reason and that reason is " new beginnings, better people, personal growth and life lessons", so you continue to grow and become the very you that you are supposed to be...
Just enjoy the ride and pick the fruits that r meant for you.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Abundance Consciouseness Vs. Scarcity Mindset ......Sahar Gharachorloo (Silva Ultra Mind ESP trainer & Law of attraction Trainer, Reiki Grandmaster , Pranic Healer, crystal Healer)

Which one is you ?

If you are on the green side ....Thumps up !
If you are on the yellow side ....Thumps up again ! Now you know how to get on the green side ....

The problem is when we do not know or accept the problem , once we know all that we have to do is change ....Good Luck people !!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Living from a state of awareness...Sahar Gharachorloo (Life Coach, Law of Attraction trainer, Silva Ultra Mind ESP trainer, Reiki Grandmaster, Arhat Yogi with Pranic Healing, Trainer of Absolute Freedom and Power of Subconscious Mind, Crystal ball gazer , Card and Coffee Reader, Past life Regression therapist, Inner Child therapist, Crystal healing and Dowsing practitioner, EFT/TFT practitioner)

This one has been on my mind for a really long long time. I am going to talk about how judgmental we are and how most of these opinions are not even ours.
I was contacted for a talk show , so a journalist turned up at my door for the initial program schedule etc , i sensed something  was uneasy , I felt she had a question or maybe something on her mind that she was dwelling upon so I thought i would help her by just asking what that was.
What i heard next is what has made me write this article today , She asked me if this is how I would be appearing on the show , I didn’t understand at first so asked her to explain,and then she asked me if I planned to wore a Saree or perhaps something in white or Saffron that would have more impact , she also tried convincing me that I need to create an image in order to be taken seriously ....
Well, what can I say ? I was just too shocked to react .
It is interesting that how we have been conditioned to believe if someone is to talk on Soul and spirituality then she should look a particular way , it is interesting that my clothes would make people take me more seriously  than what i would have to offer, it is interesting how shallow we are , it is interesting how we buy into a reality that is not even ours and more interesting that no matter how educated we are  and no matter which era we live in we never take a second to stop and re look at the reality we have bought into.It is interesting that We do not bother to even try to know more than what we have been  taught, It is interesting that a speaker’s clothes and how she projects herself is more important than her being, more important than her knowledge and what she has to say  ....It is interesting indeed !!!
It is also a very sad reality and maybe it is time we change it , the question asked by the journalist and the suggestion of creating an image is a good marketing tool but I am not selling anything , how can i sell my identity and come and give a lecture on Soul and how a being’s journey can be.
How can I create an image and make people believe in what they see while i am trying to bring awareness and ask them to take a pause and be aware,and go deeper than what is always being sold to them? how can i do that and also ask them to be nonjudgmental?
When i look around i see only judgements, we are living our life based on what our limited physical brain knows, we are continuously evaluating things, people, situations based on what we heard and saw and maybe learnt from parents, teacher , society , have we ever thought if we take all that out and keep them aside what would be the outcome of our life?

Why is it that we have an opinion about everything and everyone before we even know the facts? Why is it that we categorize everything and then also pass judgements? why can’t we accept people and situations the way they are ? Our Brain has a very limited capacity and also perceives everything with respect with a point of reference which is our memory and that comes from all that we have seen and heard in the physical reality but is that all true ? Is everything supposed to be as we wish to see? There is no Universal truth , there is no right and wrong , it is either my truth and my right/wrong or yours, isn’t it ?
Lets understand the brain only knows that much that it has seen , heard and experienced, what if there was more to the people around us than their physical reality ? What if we stop for a moment and relate to our own consciousness and see beyond all that has been fed to us? What if we know that every being , every Soul has a unique journey and has to learn his own lessons and on its way to learn he may encounter people he may hurt,  love or care or support because that was planned and meant to be that way ? Would we still judge people by the way they look , where they live and what they do ?
Let me make it more simple lets imagine this is a movie and everyone that we encounter is playing a role, some good and some bad but that is their job , they are doing as per the scripted story and all planned to work together to make the movie , they all signed an agreement to come together and work on the same project for a particular outcome , would we still judge them ?
Life too is similar to that movie, we all at a Soul plane agreed to come together and meet at particular points of time to do a certain role and the outcome of all those roles was a lesson for everyone and a reward for everyone.
Lets stop judgements, lets live from a state of awareness and consciousness...Lets just do our jobs well and let’s give meaning to our life ....Lets make life beautiful and get rid of those baggage that teach us not to love , not to respect and to judge ! Let’s begin

Monday, 16 December 2013

All that gives Joy ...Is all that is true! Sahar Gharachorloo...(Law Of Attraction trainer, Silva Ultra Mind ESP Trainer, Reiki Grandmaster, Arhat Yogi with Pranic healing, Trainer -Power of Subconscious Mind, Card and Coffee reader, Crystal Ball gazer, EFT/TFT practitioner, Crystal Healing and Dowsing Practitioner, Magnified Healer, Past Life Regression Therapist , Inner Child Therapist)

Someone asked me is it better to give or receive? If the ultimate desire of human is to be joyous then is it giving that gives more joy or is it receiving?
Well when you give from a state of joy that is when you help others and give emotional , financial aid from a state of joy , when you give because that makes you happy and you believe that your giving would make them happy is the time you shld step forward and help, if you give from a state of need then you are creating more vibration of need in yours as well as their universe....need comes from a state of lack and since we are being focused on lack and need we are creating more lack and need. However if we give with joy we create the vibration of joy for them and for ourselves .....perhaps you should do only those things where you feel joy, whether it is to give or to receive .....We create our universe as a result of our own thoughts and then begin to manifest those thoughts when we add emotions.....since our ultimate purpose is Joy we need to create with joy and not with need.....and that stands for anything and everything!!!! It's as simple as that ....

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Sharing a feedback from particiapnts of "Law Of Attraction Workshop" that was held on 14th Dec 2013.

" It was excellent, the content was explained well & questions were answered properly and trainer is spiritually in deep understanding and practice of Law Of Attraction "
Mr.Nitin Gupta - Interior Designer/Chandigarh

"It Was a wonderful experience, have learnt many new techniques, Sahar is a good teacher, I have now many realizations but I would suggest it should be a 2 days workshop"
Mrs.Gibani Sharma- Teacher/Chandigarh

"It was very insightful and helpful for self development. I would recommend this course to anyone , wrapped up details of life , it was a life changing experience.
Preeti Bajwa- Director Marketing/USA

"It was Awesome, learnt a lot of things which were important to realize, an eye opening learning, I must say Sahar is a great teacher and teh examples she gave were the best and well explained, really enjoyed, thank you.
Sanjiv B - Businessman/ Chandigarh

" My experience was wonderful, very very informative and knowledgeable, I already have started to feel that my life has changed, a lot of transformation has taken place and yet alot of transformation to take place."
Tanya Garewal- Chandigarh / Teacher

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Sahar Gharachorloo....Law Of Attraction Trainer , Silva Ultra Mind ESP trainer, Reiki Grandmaster, Arhat Yogi with Pranic Healing, Crystal and dowsing practiotioner , Crystal Ball gazer, Card & Coffee reader, Motivational Speaker, Past Life regression Therapist, Inner Child Therapist, Magnified healer, Quantum Jumping Trainer, Life coach

The more in vibrational sync you are with who you really are, then the more you are allowing only those things that you're wanting, and the less resistance there is. And the less resistance there is, then the less delay between the idea of the thought and the receiving of it.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Our Body And its Language of pain.....Sahar Gharachorloo

 I cam across this wonderful article from Louise Hay and i thought of sharing it with all my readers....Hope You enjoy it!

“If someone wishes for good health, one must first ask oneself if he is ready to do away with the reasons for his illness. Only then is it possible to help him.” ~ Hippocrates
Your mind and body are linked, which can’t be seen, but only felt. Your body reflects your emotional and psychological states. A positive mental attitude and powerful immune system will be the result of a healthy spiritual, physical and emotional state. It is only when we ignore our bodies that illness is able to take control of our own bodies natural defenses.
the-power-of-thoughts1 Think of the time when your heart was racing with anticipation or fright, or that feeling in your stomach – its a result of the thoughts and emotions transferring to the physical body.
Your thoughts and feelings are linked to specific parts of the body and different illnesses. When you fall sick, the body is communicating that your way of thinking (unconscious) is out of sync with what is beneficial to our being. Your body is asking you to live in harmony, at peace with your self and your surroundings.
I came across this emotional chart which shows the mental thought patterns that form our daily experiences. It is also part of the book, “Heal Your Body” by Louise Hay – where she has listed all the common illnesses and diseases with the possible metaphysical cause.

If you maintain a negative attitude, that invariably attracts negative vibrations and feelings – which disrupts your body’s natural energy flow. According to Davis Suzuki in ‘The Sacred Life’, condensed molecules from breath exhaled from verbal expressions of anger, hatred, and jealousy, contain toxins. Accumulated over 1 hr, these toxins are enough to kill 80 guinea pigs! Imagine the harm negative behaviour does to your body?
I was quite astounded when I read in the chart some of the pain areas for my Mom and the related thought patterns – it was very appropriate. So if you become aware of your health problem, you can use the power of your mind and heart to heal the body. There are several ways to achieve that like Yoga, Meditation, Earthing, creative visualisation or relaxation to name a few. The power is in your mind and never forget your thoughts have tremendous power!
Here’s an excerpt from the book, “Heal Your Body” by Louise L. Hay. It shows the physical symptoms are related to a prevailing mental or emotional state -
emotional pain chart louise hay

Friday, 29 November 2013

Soulmate relationships....Sahar Gharachorloo ( Life Coach , Law of Attraction trainer , Silva Ultra Mind ESP Trainer , EFT/TFT practitioner,Crystal Healing and Dowsing Therapist, Access Consciousness therapist, Magnified Healer, Reiki Grandmaster, Pranic healing Arhat yogi, Card and Coffee reader)

Does always a soulmate relationship is a perfect relationship ?

The question of soulmates and soulmate relationships and types of Soulmate relationships are very common questions that i keep encountering most of the times, so i decided to write about it.

It would be naive if we expect that a soulmate relationship is always an easy-going one.

Of course life would have been a lot more simpler and much more fun if it was so , if we all could know our soul mates and have harmonious relationships, We would have been so much more contented , well the news is ," it does not always happen that way".We often have soul mates who love us so much that they are ready to have a difficult relationship or even be hated in order to help us learn what we are here to learn during our current lifetime.
It is always observed that our most problematic relationships are the ones that bring us most growth. Of course all soul mate relationships are not difficult , there are mostly enjoyable , enriching and satisfying but they aren't necessarily always smooth sailing. Soul mate relationships are relationships that help us the maximum in our Soul journey , whether they are easy or difficult ones is not the aim of the relationship , the aim is to help one another to grow and develop as a soul and do maximum learning, that can be through harmonious relationships or through difficult and tedious ones.
Sometimes Soul mates agree to come back as friends while they are planning their next Soul journey however after being in current life and meeting again due to deep connection they have had, they may forget their agreement on the soul plane and  start a love relationship, they maybe married to different people so their intense emotional connection may cause problems that were not meant to happen.

Other Soul mate categories like mother and child or siblings may carry certain memories to this current lifetime from past lives , for example a sister who dislikes brother's wife due to a memory of her poisoning the brother soul in a past life, or a clinging mother who can not let her child out of her sight even if he is a grown up adult now because he was killed in front of her in a past life.

Soul mate relationships are deeper connections , that one would know immediately and they are definitely to help the soul learn the lessons and evolve, this can be through a deep friendship, love and happiness or by way of problems and difficulties.
All that we need to understand about relationships is that we all agreed to meet certain people at the Soul plane in order to learn the lessons we had to learn , the relationship and its joy and happiness or the relationship and its difficult times was an agreement we made, our physical mind can not remember and understand that but at a Soul level we know what for we are here for and who all we would meet and get help from , its just that the way we are helped is different due to our past lives and past life connections we have had.

If i have to sum up this in a way that is brief ,crisp and easily understandable for our physical mind with its limited capability then it would be " No expectations, no blame game ....our Life is what we chose & planned and we do have a choice to redesign it , all that we have to do is remember we can create our own reality all over again " .

 So LET'S DO IT !!!