Thursday, 26 December 2013

Relationship of love & respect....Sahar Gharachorloo( Reiki Grandmaster, Trainer : Law of Attraction, Silva Ultra Mind ESP, Quantum Jumping ,Absolute Freedom & power of subconscious Mind, Pranic Healer, EFT/TFT practitioner, Crystal Healing and Dowsing Practitioner , Aura reader , Past Life Regression and Inner Child therapist, Magnified Healer, Card & Coffee reader, Crystal Ball gazer)

Sometimes we over estimate the people around us, we give too much love and respect... And when we give so much the other person feels entitled, not realizing every relationship whether purely emotional, physical or even spiritual or a combination of all and irrespective of the type and intensity and the duration of the relationship ,is governed by same universal laws of balance, karma and law of attraction. Every relationship too is a two way traffic, when you underestimate the other person and start to feel entitled or when you start to manipulate day the other person would keep an end to it. If a partner / friend is ignoring the flaws and manipulations it does not mean he can be taken for granted all the time or the person is a fool. We also need to remember that law of Karma would ensure a bad act is somehow balanced , law of balance would ensure that the manipulator won't be able to pull it off for very long and law of attraction would ensure likes would attract likes so the manipulator for sure would have similar people in life..... But my message is for the person who suffered, don't feel used or abused, you had to learn a lesson and this is a part of life, people come and go no one is indispensable.....It may hurt but eventually you would know all that happens is for a reason and that reason is " new beginnings, better people, personal growth and life lessons", so you continue to grow and become the very you that you are supposed to be...
Just enjoy the ride and pick the fruits that r meant for you.