Tuesday, 19 February 2013

U can only Tell what You want ....Not how you want it !!

We can only tell the Universe what we want , we can not tell how we want it .....Just be sure of what you want and leave it to the Universe to give it to you ! It has thousands ways of getting you what you want and you may not even be able to comprehend to any of those ways....

Conversation with the Modern God ....Sahar Gharachorloo ( Reiki Grandmaster, Arhat Yogi, Life Coach,Law of Attraction Trainer,Pranic And Magnified Healer, Crystal and dowsing Practitioner, Card & Coffee Reader)

Conversation with The Modern God ....

I finally got this long awaited appointment with God , But to my astonishment this is what happened , and honestly I have no words. He talked logic . Let me tell you what happened so that next time you have to meet him you are careful ......

I had not even finished saying Hello that he started and went on and on ....................He was so furious that he almost spoke in one breath  !!!

I was wondering what did I do ? I mean hellooooo ...... I am the grieving party , I mean we poor human beings , what all is happening ? War every where, bloodshed every where, economy collapsing , global warming ....................Yes ! Of course I had a list of complaints to make him listen to and tell him, enough , U better intervene now and get everything on track .

But he went on & on !

I am going to briefly tell you how he was yelling at me  :

All that I can recall right now :

Me : Hello Dear God , Please .........., eh.....God.....Plea....z ! Listen ....Aa! Eh ! and he started...

God : "Don't tell me you are here to complain again ? Just think i don't exist , why cant you guys live like human beings ? Why are you guys making such big stories ? Why do you guys need so many stories and poetry to behave like humans?

You guys have made me, right ? You made me the way you wanted  so that you can befool each other , right ? then why the hell do you keep coming back to me ? When did I tell you to have 1000 different stories about me ?  If I am the God then let me do my job but if you guys want to use my name then go ahead !!! do what you do but for My sake don't come back to me , do you think i am so free that I would tell Jews to have Saturdays off , then tell Jesus no , you tell every christian to have Sunday off , and then I send Mohammed and tell him Fridays should be off !!

What do you think I am that i would be partial to my own creations ? Why would i allow Christians to drink wine in Church and Muslims be punished for drinking the same wine even at their homes ?  What Kind of logic is that? all religions advertise peace and yet the bloodiest wars have been because of religious differences , did i ever tell you guys to kill each other ?

Please don't even think about it ....................that i am gonna listen to your stupid excuses and worries , I have not created them and i am not responsible for them.....You guys have been promising each other good things and also do everything possible to make each other's life hell , now you deal with it , don't keep coming back to me .

I have given millions of grey cells in your God Damn Brain , why don't you use it for a change ? Why would i give power to some people to make the life of the rest hell ? and why would i first bring one prophet and then i bring another one and tell now only those who follow the new one would go to heaven ? Have you ever thought of that ?

Please start using that small little brain of yours and just because you can not fight for your rights or just because you can not use your own capabilities and your own logic to make your life better don't blame me , I have been very tolerant but now it is enough ! You guys have started testing my patience , you do all the wrong things without applying your own brain and once you destroy everything beyond your own imagination , run back to me , when did i tell you to fight with each other ? When did i tell you to kill each other ?

Some of you want power and stoop down to any level for either money or power and the rest of you are useless good for nothing people who let the first group take away your right , and yeah one more thing please instead of chanting and praying and doing nothing i suggest stand up for your rights and don't keep running back to me like idiots.

Do you mean to say I am not even as good as owner of Google  so that i can keep everyone happy ? Have you ever signed to google ? You do that once and you don't have to keep bowing and buttering it all the time , it knows what it is supposed to do but when it comes to me and my system you just want to  take me for granted and fiddle with everything around and then once the software gets stuck then you start buttering me with all kind of old and new ever known tactics. Do you think I am fool ? and i don't know whats going on ?

Let me tell you one last word , 99% your prayers are useless and i have marked them to my spam folder , I don't even receive them in my mailbox ! Now go do whatever you want ...................

Well, of course i was quiet and have come back , he seems to be in a real bad mood !!

Sahar Gharachorloo

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sometimes losing a battle is a blessing not Tragedy ....Sahar Gharachorloo

Sometimes we hold on to situations or people that are not really meant to be, we hold on so tight with all that we have in us that we do not give ourselves a chance to look around, to see and to know that we do that out of fear, fear of losing , fear of the new unknown, we just don't want to be out of the comfort zone.........We blame the situation or the person without realizing it is us who created that world not them and we give in so much that by the time we want to start afresh we don't have enough to start afresh, no energy left, no purpose ...............We don't realize that it is not unless that we let go and breath we would realize  losing that battle or person is actually a Blessing not a tragedy .... Acceptance is the key to new avenues in Life.... Just Accept, Let go and start Afresh...Sahar Gharachorloo

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Stop, Take a Break ........Sahar Gharachorloo (Life Coach )

When Life shows us a lot of rough patches all in a row , we tend to panic and lose control, we stop thinking right and see everything from a defensive point of view , we stop trusting people , we stop dedicating , we become indecisive and we start to believe there is no one else who can help and start to take all real and self created life burdens on our already cracked shoulders. It is crucial at this time we recognize where we are going wrong and stop for a moment , relax our mind with any kind of recreational activity and just let go of the issue for a while as if it did not exist ................You would be amazed how a fresh mind would take control again.

YOU CAN MEDITATE TOO .....................Sahar Gharachorloo (Reiki Grandmaster, Pranic Healer & Arhat Yogi, Magnified healer, Life coach , Motivational Speaker & Law Of attraction Trainer, Crystal & Dowsing Practitioner, Coffee & Card Reader)

In the past few years i have heard many people talking about how to start meditation , some relate meditation to old age and spirituality, some think in today’s modern life there is no time and scope for meditation or it is out dated to do so , I was one such person , i found it boring, out dated, time consuming , you name it and i could make an excuse out of it just not to meditate. I resisted it for almost a decade and now that i know how important it is to meditate and how much this simple yet effective method can help everyone to improve every aspect of life i feel regretful at times.

Meditation is all about giving yourself and your mind some quality time, it is a time you spend with yourself to know yourself better , there are many advantages of meditation , it increases focus, helps you know your inner strength and weaknesses and overcome the weaknesses , it increases your intuitive power, makes you more calm, gets you connected with your inner being and nature , helps you sleep better , makes you a happier person.

We all agree” to be at peace” is what we all silently wish for but that is the ultimate inner truth and meditation is one of the most easiest way to achieve peace.

There are many techniques of meditation , you can start with having a comfortable position in a quiet room and looking at a particular point , or you can have guided meditations where you follow an instructor or teacher , it can be done alone and in group, it can be simply sitting and focussing on a prayer or just a particular line or place , it can be by merely imagining  number 1-10 and back when you visualize them. It is not necessary that you have to spend 10-20 minutes a day , you can even start with just 1-2 minutes a day and as you learn to reach a deeper state of mind you would start realizing that there are a lot of changes in your personality , in your relationships and in your understanding of the world around you......It is never too late to start loving yourself deeply.