Friday, 8 August 2014

Love brings out the Best in Us...Act from love for a healthier YOU ....Sahar Gharachorloo

We have heard of " live & let live " many times , some of us keep saying it like a mantra !! 
But do we truly understand what we are chanting/ preaching ? Something tells me we don't and once I finish I am positive you would think about it too ....

Most of human issues are result of the fight for power and control . Out of every 10 person I meet 9.5  says I believe in "live and let live " and then we get talking more and more and all that I hear is about not having control , not getting what is expected from others , not having enough ...This problem of control is in all races , and has been there across all eras and in every discipline and religion human has been practicing , we all feel what we do is correct , what we think is most suitable and we can only achieve more and be more successful if we control more and we are listened to more .
From the extent of child-patent relationship to relation between countries even the most democratic countries we do not practice what we preach .

This thirst for power and control has given birth to jealousy , competition, manipulation and at a larger scale to wars and total destruction ,the list would just go on . Now let's imagine if we all do otherwise , in order to feel powered and do excellent we start to act from love , if we help each other to bring the best out in each other , would there be any competition? 

Imagine this world as one big treatment center where everyone is a therapist and everyone is a patient and we all are continuously helping each other to become better and better and collectively we bring the best out of each other ....Won't life be easier ? More fun? Won't we have more time to pursue what we wish to do ? Won't we live healthier , more radiant lives ?
I believe it is possible, all that we need is to accept our uniqueness and believe there is abundance of everything in this universe ....everything for everyone and in abundance ....Then we can say I believe in "Live & let Live "
What do you think?

Be You ....Believe in yourself !!

Believe in yourself ...
Believe that you can ....
Believe that you are worth it ...
Believe that everything you desire is available to you ....
Believe that you can choose ....
What people call luck is nothing but the Choices we make while trusting ourselves and our abilities , the Choices we make with absolute faith in ourselves and the Universe ....

Self Love leads to Loving Life ....Sahar Gharachorloo ( Law of Attraction trainer , Silva UltraMind ESP, Life Coach, Inner child Therapist , Rebirthing breathworker, Past Life Regression therapist , Reiki Grandmaster, Pranic Healing practitioner, Access Consciousness facilitator (The Bars), Crystal Healer , Coffee cup and card reader, Crystal Ball Gazer, EFT/TFT Facilitator )

"Nothing happens by accident ...Not a leaf moves without his will ".
We often hear this phrase ,but have you wondered if this is so then why do we meet people that we do not like at the first site or why do we get into situations that turns our world upside down ? Why do we keep meeting people we do not like? Why is there room for pain in such a divine plan?
I am sure there would be many such questions and all can't be answered on this platform ....not today !!! but hopefully soon .
Today I like to answer the question about people we do not like 
Well, it seems every single person we meet has a message for us and apparently the ones we do not like have a bigger, more important message for us, they mirror us and bring to our awareness what we don't want to see about ourselves , so next time you dislike someone or someone's behavior just watch more deeply , you would know what in that person is your mirror. And once you change that you would be at comfort zone with that person ...Also remember forgiving others would not happen unless you forgive and accept yourself fully .
For the next 7 days every morning stand in front of a mirror , gaze into your own eyes and repeat :
" I am sorry, I love you & Thank you " and watch your aura expand ....
Happy Conscious living ....Have a blessed day !!!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Abundance is everywhere ....Only if we know how to receive

There is so much help in and around us much available to us , the Universe offering us everything in abundance !!!!
...only if we open our Mind to perceive !!!!
...only if we open our eyes to see!!!
...only if we open our arms to receive!!!

Conscious Living , Being In Allowance ...

It's interesting how most of us fake everything including being in allowance yourself closely !!! Is it really allowance or another false wall of barriers that's blinding your awareness ....

How to start your day ....Sahar Gharachorloo ( Therapist & Life Coach , Law of Attraction trainer , Reiki Grandmaster , Silva Ultramind ESP Instructor and facilitator of 25 modalities )

Waking up in the morning ....
We can alter a lot in life by altering small little things which is a part of conscious living and one is how we start our day ! It's a good idea to take a few minutes before jumping out of the bed and rushing through the day . As soon as we wake up our brain stays in the Alpha level for a few minutes , alpha state is the meditative state and scientifically a state of mind where both left & right brain hemispheres are balanced. When we function at alpha we are more connected with the Universe... It's a good idea to remain in bed , revise your Goals, revise  your day , take a few deep breath followed by a warm glass of honey-lemon water before you rush for the day ...Try it and notice the change ....Good Morning !!