Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year 2013...........Sahar Gharachorloo

Wishing You All a very Beautiful 2013........
Wish you Abundance, Good Health, Success , Love, Compassion, Joy & Peace............Sahar Gharachorloo

Magnified Healing......Sahar Gharachorloo

Magnified Healing.....
This Method of healing became popular in 1983 , the name was chosen by Kwan Yin yet she emphasizes that she did not originate this healing.
This technique of healing is most used for self healing and is said by Kwan Yin to be a gift from God as it brings the energy from the Highest source.Kwan Yin is well known in China and is known as the Goddess of Merci , she is also the Mother of compassion. Her flower is the 5 petaled Lotus.Magnified healing includes sensitizing, awakening, rewiring the nervous system, healing the body and spine, healing the earth and healing the Karma.
It is one of the most effective self healing methods with instant results.

Friday, 14 December 2012

On Sex & Spirituality...Sahar Gharachorloo (Law of Attraction Trainer ( from Golden Inspiration ) -Motivational Speaker. Pranic Healing, Distant Healing, Psychotherapy, Crystal and Quartz Healing. Reiki Healing and Teaching (all levels). Magnified Healing, Dowsing, Emotional Release Therapy (ERT/EFT). Coffee Reading and Card Reading. )

Sex is a topic more thought of than talked about ....Especially when it comes to the East !!
Sex is a natural and highly regarded phenomena in spirituality too, I thought of writing about sex as i see there are a lot of hesitation in discussing one of the most natural desires of a being that can truly effect a person at emotional, mental , physical, psychological as well as SOUL Level.
"Sex is natural, when sex energy is not suppressed and is PROPERLY channeled, it may bring you to Samadhi or Illumination  .
Sex is Divine.When you talk about Sex , you talk about Sexual energy.Your energy must be compatible with that of your partner, recognize the Divinity in your beloved! Sexual union with the right Spiritual Attitude towards your beloved eventually makes you a real Brahmacharya. Brahma means "God", "Acharya" means " one who practices", , Brahmacharya is " one who practices Union with God"
Sex energy is like spiritual fuel. When sex energy is regulated & transmuted. it can lead to Oneness. Sex energy can be transmuted into love and mercy, greater intelligence and into spiritual energy.
The key is to transmute this energy and not to suppress it. When sex energy is transmuted to upper chakras it gets transmuted to love, kindness, intelligence and divining Oneness.
You need to be careful in choosing your partner, do not "touch" the partner of someone else, or have multiple partners, this is very injurious to the Soul and your sexual energy.There is nothing wrong with desire but do not be enslaved by it.
The key is to regulate your lower nature and not to suppress it, sex is to be in moderation....................MCKS( modified by Sahar Gharachorloo, Pranic healer, arhat Yogi)

On Love and Relationships...Sahar Gharachorloo( Pranic Healer, Reiki Grand Master,Motivational Speaker, Law of Attraction Trainer, Magnified, dowser & Crystal Healing Practioner, Life couch, card and coffee reader)

Real Love makes a person see things clearly and accurately." As being of Divine Love", your words must be kind & gentle and not injurious.Souls have different ages, we need to be patient with young ,immature souls in big grown up bodies.
Love is the food that makes your soul grow,by loving deeply you may become one with your beloved and One with ALL.The real cause of psychological  ailments is lack of soul contact, LOVE IS THERAPEUTIC! 
Project Loving Kindness to your partner and your partner would bloom.
In marriage you love a lot & you forgive a lot, Love is  lubricant, extreme openness in partners occurs when they feel a lot of love, you may experience the Divinity in your beloved if you feel a lot of love deeply.
You can know the quality of your relationship and what kind of energy you have been sending to your partner by observing what comes of your mouth......MCKS

Thursday, 13 December 2012

2 reasons why we dont get what we want....Sahar Gharachorloo(Law of attraction Tranier)

There are 2 Reasons Why You Don’t Manifest What You Desire

Reason #1

The first reason is a simple one. It’s best understood by the following story:

Imagine being a restaurant ordering soup. You decide on Minestrone Soup and tell the waiter to bring it to you.

The waiter takes your order to the Head Chef who starts to make your soup. But while the soup is being made you change your mind.

You now tell the waiter you’d like to change your order to Tomato Soup. The waiter goes back to the head chef and tells him to stop making the Minestrone and to focus on Tomato instead.

So the Head Chef tosses away the Minestrone and takes out the Tomatoes.

But just then, you call the waiter to you again and tell the waiter that you’d like to try Mushroom Soup instead.

Once again the Waiter rushes off to tell the Head Chef and once again the Chef tosses way the soup he was preparing and starts again.

You wait… and wait… and wait. But as the soup is long in coming, you decide to leave and try another restaurant.

Think of the waiter as Your Sub-Conscious Mind.

The head chef as Higher Intelligence.

And the Soup, as Your Goal du Jour (Goal of the Day).

Do you see the problem? Whatever you have been asking for has been coming to you. But you stop asking, or you change your mind, or your give up when it is so close.

What you seek to create has not been coming to you because you lack the clarity to stay focused.

You cannot create what you want—because you do not know what you want.

Now we come to Reason #2. This is much harder for many to really understand

Reason #2

You’re Asking for Something that Goes Against a Decision You Made at a Soul Level…

Many people try to achieve what they think they should do, instead of what they were sent here to do.

Many goal-setting techniques claim to teach you to manifest anything you desire—but all these systems have a common flaw:

If you’re aiming for a goal or outcome that is not part of the greater plan for you then you will fail.

You can achieve anything you desire IF and only IF, what you desire is part of life’s greater plan for you.

Everyone is put on this planet for a reason. Find out what that reason is – and doorways will open for you.

Who sets this Greater Plan?

You Do.

But at a Soul Level.

The philosophy here is nicely expressed by the following Zen saying:

The ordinary person thinks that they will be happy when they get what they need. The Zen Master is always happy. For the master knows that whatever he gets—he needs.

You see—every moment, chance encounter, event and meeting in your life is created by You. If not at a conscious level—then at a Soul Level.

As the Rolling Stones wrote in their divinely inspired song:

You can’t always get what you want,
But if you try sometimes,
You just might find,
You get what you need.

You often don’t Manifest what You want because Your Conscious wants to go against Your Soul’s Own Needs

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Make a Wish...Let Abundance Flow!!! Sahar Gharachorloo( Law of attraction trainer, Life coach, Motivational Speaker, Pranic Healer, arhat Yogi, Reiki Grand master, Magnified & Crystal/Dowser Healer, Card and Coffee Reader)

When wishing for omething be specific, know what you want without a doubt and leave the rest to the Universe!!! Its important you are very sure of what you want and that is when you would get it.You may make mistakes but the Divine does not so it would only help you when you precisely and confidently know what you want...Go for it! Wish for what you want and let abundance flow............. into your life!!!
Sahar Gharachorloo( Law of attraction trainer, Life coach, Motivational Speaker, Pranic Healer, arhat Yogi, Reiki Grand master, Magnified & Crystal/Dowser Healer, Card and Coffee Reader)

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

You Are What You Are! Know the You with U....Sahar Gharachorloo( Law Of attraction Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Healer)

You Are What You Are! Know the You within U!! Love the real You....

If you want to know the real you, you need to look into your heart. Often we take decisions that are practical, logical but they still don't feel right, for that you need to know your Heart, You need to know the you within You, it is through living from the heart that you will find WHO YOU REALLY ARE.
When we live true to our nature , life supports us and we create success effortlessly aligned and in balance with our purpose and path. We take decisions that not only feel right but give us the best results too, the biggest shift of all is the realization that LIFE IS NOT HAPPENING TO YOU but FOR YOU.
Everything you need , you can create and have from within your heart.the heart knows how to give you everything without causing pain or harm to anyone or anything in the universe.        
                 You need to know that you are exactly who you need to be at this moment, right here & now, accept that you are enough, more than enough, that you are already WHOLE, COMPLETE & PERFECT....believe that!                                                                                                                                                           Believe that there is only one person powerful enough to stop you & there is only one person enough to set you free, YOU! You are so much more than you think you are, there is such a larger you to emerge..... tap into it, say "YES" to it and let it out.                                                                      Whatever you do you know, and absolutely trust without anyone else needing to affirm - that is good & creative and powerful and important about you. Know that the quality of your movement is a manifestation of the workings of your brain, which determines the quality and vitality of your life.                                                                                            You need to understand and realise that when genuine love and genuine self respect is present within you, you attract love and respect from others too....You then don't have to force people to love you, you don't have to keep proving yourself, you don't have worry that your true worth would not be recognised. You can then set yourself free and let go !                                                                                ( Sahar Gharachorloo..... Life coach, motivational speaker, law of attraction trainer, magnified healer, Reiki Grandmaster, Pranic healer and Arhat yogi, Dowsing and crystal healing practitioner, card and coffee reader)

Monday, 3 December 2012

We create our world....Karma !! (Sahar Gharachorloo Pranic Healer, Arhat Yogi, Reiki Grand Master, Certified Life couch and Law of attraction Trainer, Magnified Healer)

Did we know everything in this universe is energy? You, me , the table , the notebook, the pen and every living and non living object? Did we know every action , every word, every look releases energy that leaves a mark in this universe?
The mark/ effect or more technically referred to the vibration our actions and speech leaves in this universe not only effect us and our surrounding and causes the future events but also it creates Karma...Karma that needs to be paid in some shape or form and it comes back to us with many many thousands of intensity....Its important to know when we do and say something and make someone happy or sad, when we help build someone's dream or shake and destroy someone's world ....We are asking universe to give us back the same things in thousands and thousands time more intensity!!! Read again, let it sink in , Not as simple to understand and apply as it sounds !!! Practice it , you would do yourself the biggest favor....(Sahar Gharachorloo Pranic Healer, Arhat Yogi, Reiki Grand Master, Certified Life couch and Law of attraction Trainer, Magnified Healer, EFT/TFT healer, Dowsing and Crystal healing practitioner, card & Coffee reader)