Friday, 14 December 2012

On Sex & Spirituality...Sahar Gharachorloo (Law of Attraction Trainer ( from Golden Inspiration ) -Motivational Speaker. Pranic Healing, Distant Healing, Psychotherapy, Crystal and Quartz Healing. Reiki Healing and Teaching (all levels). Magnified Healing, Dowsing, Emotional Release Therapy (ERT/EFT). Coffee Reading and Card Reading. )

Sex is a topic more thought of than talked about ....Especially when it comes to the East !!
Sex is a natural and highly regarded phenomena in spirituality too, I thought of writing about sex as i see there are a lot of hesitation in discussing one of the most natural desires of a being that can truly effect a person at emotional, mental , physical, psychological as well as SOUL Level.
"Sex is natural, when sex energy is not suppressed and is PROPERLY channeled, it may bring you to Samadhi or Illumination  .
Sex is Divine.When you talk about Sex , you talk about Sexual energy.Your energy must be compatible with that of your partner, recognize the Divinity in your beloved! Sexual union with the right Spiritual Attitude towards your beloved eventually makes you a real Brahmacharya. Brahma means "God", "Acharya" means " one who practices", , Brahmacharya is " one who practices Union with God"
Sex energy is like spiritual fuel. When sex energy is regulated & transmuted. it can lead to Oneness. Sex energy can be transmuted into love and mercy, greater intelligence and into spiritual energy.
The key is to transmute this energy and not to suppress it. When sex energy is transmuted to upper chakras it gets transmuted to love, kindness, intelligence and divining Oneness.
You need to be careful in choosing your partner, do not "touch" the partner of someone else, or have multiple partners, this is very injurious to the Soul and your sexual energy.There is nothing wrong with desire but do not be enslaved by it.
The key is to regulate your lower nature and not to suppress it, sex is to be in moderation....................MCKS( modified by Sahar Gharachorloo, Pranic healer, arhat Yogi)