Thursday, 18 June 2015

Anger With God !!

Yesterday we had a class about "Anger with the Creator", though it was announced as a class I kept on calling it a session in my conversations.
Few people showed up, the ones who wanted the class and had asked for it did not turn up, anyway we started the class which actually turned to be more of healing sessions than a class.
As I was observing everyone I realised how fearful of God we are !!!
Till now I was under the impression that talking about "Sex" was a taboo in India... Guess what I was wrong, there are people who openly talk to me (as a therapist) about being a Sex addict, there are people who talk about extra marital affairs they have had, the child abuse they have been through realised, It's being angry with God which is a Taboo and not only in India but almost everywhere.
And it's not their fault, we have been made fearful of the creator, we have been told we have no right to be angry with the Almighty, we have been told people will judge us wrong and they will hate us, etc....
But the truth is at more than one time in our current life (and God knows how many times in our existence), we have been angry with him.
If you have these questions, or ever asked these questions, then you have been angry with him, " why me? Why did I have to have a life like this? What did I do wrong? What did I do to deserve this? Why did I choose this family, this body? It seems he has forgotten me & so on.....", then my dear you have been angry with the creator.
The only issue is we have been told we can't question him, we can't be angry with him and then what happens? Resentment happens, bitterness happens, a void within us happens.
The creator is ever knowing, ever magnificent, ever forgiving, the creator does not get angry, it does not harm you, if you are angry with the source, don't you think he/it already knows it?
He is ever forgiving, it is you with your guilt of being angry at yourself and the creator who can not forgive.
Start from today, come out of denial, recognise, accept and acknowledge wherever you have been angry with him, those are the times you have blamed yourself too and created the guilt of being angry with him too.
Release the anger by understanding you chose what you chose for a reason and for a learning, know the reason, embrace the learning and get rid of the guilt too, release it, that was the best you knew then, today you know more.
Forgive yourself, love your learnings and the situations n the people who helped you reach here and move on.
Move on to loving yourself as you deserve to be loved and the creator is just watching you, patiently waiting for you to walk back on your path, lovingly, happily and freely.

Being You !!!The Best of You ...

All that you need to do is to be the BEST of you. 

Most relationships go wrong because we try to be the best we think our partner would like us to be, we divorce ourselves in order to be in a relationship. 

Any relationship which doesn't give you the space and freedom to be who you truly are, any relationship that's based on pleasing each other, any relationship that's based on perfection and being perfect is bound to go wrong because partners are merely acting, they are putting so much energy and effort to be who they are not, hence they would be soon depleted of resources, would feel tired and exhausted. 
Acting requires effort, being does not, just being helps you blossom. 

Be who you are, be unique and choose a partner who accepts you as you are, and ensure in return you love and accept him/her as he/she is.

Today I love myself !!!

Sometimes I wonder if some people are for real?
I can say I have seen a lot of extremes in my life and it has been quite a bumpy journey, yet every turn brought new people and some old ones got down!!! 
What is most amusing is the ones who kicked, raved and ranted, those who hurt the most are the ones who taught most important lessons. 
Today I wish to pay Gratitude to all the people who did not play fair!!! Thank you for teaching me so much and helping me find ME. 
And today I want to thank myself for allowing myself to be melted in order to take a new shape.
Today I love myself!!!

Our Body Talks ....Listen carefully !!

As a therapist I have come to realise that most of the issues we believe is the problem whether Physical, Emotional or mental are not really the issue, they are the presenting problems, telling us that there is something deeper within us that we need to look into.
Our body is a beautiful mechanism that would tell us where we should look for the real cause of the problem.
The Head represents the decision making, people who either fear change or feel stuck and feel they can not create change would complain about headaches and issues with the head .
We carry the loads on the shoulder, people with too much responsibility or those who refuse to take responsibility would usually complain of shoulder pains.
People who have suppressed themselves or suppressed others from expressing themselves would have issues with throat n the glands in the throat area .
Issues related to courage, love, and enjoying n loving life are where the heart gives us signal about.
Legs indicate rigidity and not putting your best foot forward, people who have a problem to flight a situation or people who are escapist would complain of problems in the legs n knees .
The key is to know your body, pay attention and understand what is your body trying to convey to you.
Meditation and being in touch with your body can help you to remain healthy not only physically but also emotionally n mentally.
The difference between holistic healing and medicine is we treat the route cause, whereas medicine treats the symptoms.
Let's take help of our body to heal our Soul!!!

Power & Control ....

I am reading two books at the same time, both about power and control, one teaches you to use hard power and have control, the other one talks about soft power, the power you become when you surrender.
The first one talks about adrenaline rush, testosterone and wanting to have more, exercising power by the attitude of Kill before you are killed and of course the stress of remaining on the top at any cost, and the latter talks about serotonin and Endorphin release in a natural way of surrender and being happy and powerful, and being a powerful creator with total ease.
The first book makes me heavy and the latter makes me light and expansive.
If only we knew, we need to master ourselves to be the power to create a life we desire, if only we knew the fact that we want control is because we know and we have acknowledged deep inside that we do not have control over ourselves and our own life , if only we knew what we seek outside is what we are empty off within.....
Let's fill the void within, everything else would fall into place with total ease, joy and glory.
Let's choose a life we choose to live, a life that no one is a victim and no one a predator, a life that is fulfilling because we are filled within, because we are whole and complete.

finding the right partner ....

Couple of days ago a student of mine who practices Law of Attraction asked me, "how can I find the right partner and how can I meet the right person who would be loving and caring" ? 

I have been with her question for a while and all I could know was, truly there is no right and wrong person, everyone is beautiful and unique but we need to be with the one who would match our frequency, who would be loving and caring and expansive to our lives. And that's the answer, as per law of attraction " Like attracts like", if you wish to have a partner who would love you, you need to love yourself and believe you deserve to be loved and to be cared for. 

What you give out, comes back to you, deep inside if you are willing to love, to care and to be expansive to your partner, that's what you would attract. 
Happily ever after 💑

when in doubt ....Just Ask !!!

When confused just ask questions and stay silent, keep asking and the answers would show up, do not ask expecting an answer, just ask knowing the answer would come when it's meant to be!!! Just be silent in the mind, open in the heart and you shall know... 
When you ask questions without expecting an immediate answer is the time you are tuning into your higher self, the intelligence within that has all answers.... Just let the conscious mind rest. 
You can always ask what is it that I am missing?
What is it that I am not getting?
What is right about this that I am not willing to know?
How can this be changed?
Just keep asking till you know, try it, it happens effortlessly.

Let Go! Move forward ...

You are not a victim, you are not helpless, you are not dependant! 
You are special, capable and a uniquely powerful person, you can let go, you can move forward, you can change, you can create change.... 
If you do not like being where you are, just take the first step and move, believe you can be in a better place !!!