Thursday, 18 June 2015

Being You !!!The Best of You ...

All that you need to do is to be the BEST of you. 

Most relationships go wrong because we try to be the best we think our partner would like us to be, we divorce ourselves in order to be in a relationship. 

Any relationship which doesn't give you the space and freedom to be who you truly are, any relationship that's based on pleasing each other, any relationship that's based on perfection and being perfect is bound to go wrong because partners are merely acting, they are putting so much energy and effort to be who they are not, hence they would be soon depleted of resources, would feel tired and exhausted. 
Acting requires effort, being does not, just being helps you blossom. 

Be who you are, be unique and choose a partner who accepts you as you are, and ensure in return you love and accept him/her as he/she is.