Thursday, 18 June 2015

Our Body Talks ....Listen carefully !!

As a therapist I have come to realise that most of the issues we believe is the problem whether Physical, Emotional or mental are not really the issue, they are the presenting problems, telling us that there is something deeper within us that we need to look into.
Our body is a beautiful mechanism that would tell us where we should look for the real cause of the problem.
The Head represents the decision making, people who either fear change or feel stuck and feel they can not create change would complain about headaches and issues with the head .
We carry the loads on the shoulder, people with too much responsibility or those who refuse to take responsibility would usually complain of shoulder pains.
People who have suppressed themselves or suppressed others from expressing themselves would have issues with throat n the glands in the throat area .
Issues related to courage, love, and enjoying n loving life are where the heart gives us signal about.
Legs indicate rigidity and not putting your best foot forward, people who have a problem to flight a situation or people who are escapist would complain of problems in the legs n knees .
The key is to know your body, pay attention and understand what is your body trying to convey to you.
Meditation and being in touch with your body can help you to remain healthy not only physically but also emotionally n mentally.
The difference between holistic healing and medicine is we treat the route cause, whereas medicine treats the symptoms.
Let's take help of our body to heal our Soul!!!