Thursday, 18 June 2015

Power & Control ....

I am reading two books at the same time, both about power and control, one teaches you to use hard power and have control, the other one talks about soft power, the power you become when you surrender.
The first one talks about adrenaline rush, testosterone and wanting to have more, exercising power by the attitude of Kill before you are killed and of course the stress of remaining on the top at any cost, and the latter talks about serotonin and Endorphin release in a natural way of surrender and being happy and powerful, and being a powerful creator with total ease.
The first book makes me heavy and the latter makes me light and expansive.
If only we knew, we need to master ourselves to be the power to create a life we desire, if only we knew the fact that we want control is because we know and we have acknowledged deep inside that we do not have control over ourselves and our own life , if only we knew what we seek outside is what we are empty off within.....
Let's fill the void within, everything else would fall into place with total ease, joy and glory.
Let's choose a life we choose to live, a life that no one is a victim and no one a predator, a life that is fulfilling because we are filled within, because we are whole and complete.