Thursday, 18 June 2015

Anger With God !!

Yesterday we had a class about "Anger with the Creator", though it was announced as a class I kept on calling it a session in my conversations.
Few people showed up, the ones who wanted the class and had asked for it did not turn up, anyway we started the class which actually turned to be more of healing sessions than a class.
As I was observing everyone I realised how fearful of God we are !!!
Till now I was under the impression that talking about "Sex" was a taboo in India... Guess what I was wrong, there are people who openly talk to me (as a therapist) about being a Sex addict, there are people who talk about extra marital affairs they have had, the child abuse they have been through realised, It's being angry with God which is a Taboo and not only in India but almost everywhere.
And it's not their fault, we have been made fearful of the creator, we have been told we have no right to be angry with the Almighty, we have been told people will judge us wrong and they will hate us, etc....
But the truth is at more than one time in our current life (and God knows how many times in our existence), we have been angry with him.
If you have these questions, or ever asked these questions, then you have been angry with him, " why me? Why did I have to have a life like this? What did I do wrong? What did I do to deserve this? Why did I choose this family, this body? It seems he has forgotten me & so on.....", then my dear you have been angry with the creator.
The only issue is we have been told we can't question him, we can't be angry with him and then what happens? Resentment happens, bitterness happens, a void within us happens.
The creator is ever knowing, ever magnificent, ever forgiving, the creator does not get angry, it does not harm you, if you are angry with the source, don't you think he/it already knows it?
He is ever forgiving, it is you with your guilt of being angry at yourself and the creator who can not forgive.
Start from today, come out of denial, recognise, accept and acknowledge wherever you have been angry with him, those are the times you have blamed yourself too and created the guilt of being angry with him too.
Release the anger by understanding you chose what you chose for a reason and for a learning, know the reason, embrace the learning and get rid of the guilt too, release it, that was the best you knew then, today you know more.
Forgive yourself, love your learnings and the situations n the people who helped you reach here and move on.
Move on to loving yourself as you deserve to be loved and the creator is just watching you, patiently waiting for you to walk back on your path, lovingly, happily and freely.