Wednesday, 19 August 2015

InnerChild Therapy & Childhood Traumas....Sahar Gharachorloo

Our childhood plays a very important role not only in how our personality shapes but also in how we understand the world around us. We all feel we have had glorious childhood however this is a lie we so wish to tell ourselves and everyone around. As a child we want our parents to be our heros and we want to believe we have had a beautiful home which is true in a way, the truth about it is that our parents truly did the best they could to provide us with the best possible life they could and they behaved with us in the best possible way they could.
However our subconscious did not really perceive it that way.
I have had many cases where a child that was conceived, at 40 days or 3 months felt and knew that it was not wanted by the parents, or where the child sensed the helplessness of the mother and decided to protect the mother in the womb itself.
Inner child therapy is a beautiful therapy where we help the person to ho back and confront all those childhood traumas and release himself with those baggages he has been carrying.
Many fears and phobias shape up in early years of our life and this beautiful therapy helps us to let go off such issues.
My request to parents is to be more conscious of what they talk and how they react to their child and each other and to newly Wed couples please be sure of what you talk, how you interact with each other and what messages you transfer to your child.
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