Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Law of Attraction , Faith , Surrender....Sahar Gharachorloo

I posted an article about law of attraction and a couple of people started challenging me about how law of attraction works and if I should prove it . I replied to a couple of them and ignored a couple but it was very interesting to read those comments and made me think.
I would like to share what came as an insight , maybe it would help many . 
I realized that most of us operate from challenge, we are continuously either proving our worth to ourselves or to the society and sometimes even to God / Universe.
So much so that we challenge the Universal laws such as karma, free will and Law of attraction.
That's exactly where we go wrong!!!
Universe / God has no ego, it's only love, it does not have to prove if it can deliver you what you want or not, it is waiting for you to drop your ego and ask with all your heart and have faith that you would get it when it is right for you.
We operate from ego and in the game of ego we get so lost that we start to challenge God /Universe too.
The formula to success is faith and surrender not doubt and challenge.
Does this make you think?
I think it does...
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