Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Ask & You Shall Receive ....Sahar Gharachorloo

When I was a child , I would make sure I am very attentive to everyone and everything around me , I never wanted to miss anything not because I had interest but because i did not want i should forget anything , I did not want i should miss on anything because that would mean I would have to ask if I need the information later on . Though this habit helped me in many ways but today I understand that a lot of my problems came from there too .
As a child I was afraid of asking ,I did not want that I should be called stupid , or absent minded but more than that perhaps it was being afraid of being rejected .
When I look back at life I realize there are very few times I ever asked for help ,or in fact I ever asked for anything . I would proudly say :" Even when I go to a temple or when I talk with God I never ask for myself.
What a stupid statement , though my ego still wants to believe I never asked because I was not selfish/self centered but the truth is I never asked because Ii was afraid of being rejected ,I never asked because I was not sure if I deserved it .
I am sure many of us have the same story .
Please Ask , Ask , Ask !!
If you need help at home or at work , please ask.
If you need money, please ask .
If you want something in life please ask .
If you want a loving partner, please ask .
If you want to be loved , please ask .
Ask and you Shall Receive!! It's that simple .
( From my Law Of Attraction Workshop)