Saturday, 31 May 2014

Living our Truth .....Sahar Gharachorloo (Silva Ultra Mind ESP & Law of attraction trainer, Inner Child , Past Life regression Therapist, Rebirthing breathworker , Reiki Grandmaster, Pranic healing , Crystal healing , dowsing , crystal ball gazing , coffee cup reading practitioner and facilitator)

It is important we live our truth !!!

As a therapist, I often come across people who live not their truth but someone else', we often do this to be accepted, to be loved , to be paid attention to or even as a defense mechanism to avoid circumstances that we do not want to be in.
When we do not get what we want or as a child (this can be from the very conception, the womb memories or even till age of 21)we have been rejected too often or not been given similar attention as other siblings in our growing years, when there have been too many comparisons that made us feel small or useless or not wanted enough , it can also happen when the adult in us feels he has not been understood or is tired of trying to put his point across or is too weak to hurt his partner or kids.
This is a result of emotional and mental dysfunction , the person creates a escape root and usually these are physical illnesses or mental conditions where the family and friends have no choice but to accept them .
In a case , a young man was diagnosed with a mental condition and he was on medication for 12 Years , his medicine dose would vary from 10 tablets a day to even 31 , when we finished consultation I realized he was living a created reality not his truth, the truth was his elder brother , a known sports figure was been given all the attention by the mother since the age of 4 and he was often left behind as the mother would accompany the elder child on tours so he developed a condition to get mother's unconditional n undivided love and that was continuously falling sick or being in a condition that the mother could not leave him behind.
In another case a grown up woman, married with kids had sleep disorder and had to use a machine while sleeping , after consultation it was known that she has created this reality to avoid intimacy with husband and this was not her truth either.

Our mind is a very powerful tool and can go to any extent to manipulate our existence, the body on the other hand is very simple , it gives you straight , simple , valid signals ....All that we need to do is to listen to it and as per what we are getting we can question the mind and stop it when it is leading us to live someone Else's reality .....this is easy too just calm the mind down , be in allowance of yourself instead of confronting yourself, stop judging yourself and your mind too would be honest with you .

Gratitude .....Sahar Gharachorloo ( Life Coach, Silva Ultra Mind ESP Instructor, Law of Attraction Trainer, Past Life Regression Therapist, Inner Child Therapist , rebirthing breathworker, Reiki Grandmaster, Pranic healing , crystal healing , dowsing and Chakra healing practitioner and facilitator)

We can not complain if we are grateful ! Total gratitude, total surrender ....When we understand this life is just a journey ,or like another episode of the TV shows and here everyone is just doing his role we would no more judge, hate , anger anyone including ourselves .....we would be ever grateful for all co actors and co partners for acting so well and making life the way it was written by us , for helping us get the message right . Forgiveness if still required would come easily .

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Loving Your Body....Sahar Gharachorloo (Law of Attraction , Quantum Jumping and Silva Ultramind ESP Instructor, Life Coach ,Past Life regression , Inner Child & Rebirthing breathwork Therapist & Crystal ball gazing & card and coffee reading Psychic, Reiki Grandmaster, Pranic healing , crystal healing , dowsing , access consciousness , EFT/TFT practitioner )

We have talked a lot about Soul, peace , consciousness , happiness , love etc !

How about talking about our most faithful, loving, caring partner!! Some of you might be thinking but I am single or what faithful????? everyone cheats  me, etc ....

I am talking about our body !! Yes this beautiful partner , who is faithful, loving, caring and the most beautiful, magical (Functional too) gift we have in this physical reality .

Our body is such a  powerful , beautiful gentle tool to tell us about our state of being ....It gently tells us how we are living our life, what's good and suits us , what's not meant for us, it keeps us updated and informed about our very state of being , physical health, mental health and emotional health ....only if we listen to it !!!!

Not only most of us do not listen to our body but we go steps further , we do not acknowledge it, we continuously blame the body for how it looks like , how weak, ugly, bad etc it is .... We ignore all signals and later blame it for being fat, ugly, weak, injured , unhealthy and the works .

Imagine if your body was your partner in life , it would have run away in just a week...isn't it?
With us continuously nagging at it , continuously telling our body how ugly it is and comparing it with other people, never asking it what it wants to wear , eat , how much rest it needs .....Imagine if you behaved the same way with your partner , you would have ended up separation in just a week .....Oops !!!! That sounds scary.

Oh I forgot to mention making the partner work 24/7, 365 days a year and yet deny it of even a sound sleep.

So allow this partner to be, love it, keep it clean, allow it to rest, respect it, be grateful to it and see how beautiful your relationship would turn out to be .

Our body is not only our partner but also our guide to help us know about ourselves and our every aspect of being ....If you take care of your body , you have taken a leap towards knowing yourself and having a happier life , a healthier state of being .

As we say charity starts at home , happiness and well being starts from the body . Remember our body is the temple where our Soul resides....We need to keep it clean , we need to pay respect to it , we need to love it .

So ....
eat well and rest well....
Breath , be in nature as long as you can ....
Find reasons to laugh....
Exercise three times a week not to punish the body because you want it to look a certain way but because your body enjoys it .
Sleep the day you wake up .
Love your body, respect it, listen to its demands, pay attention and keep it clean.
Be in love with your body and establish a love affair with it and see how it would respond to you

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Spiritual Parenting ....Sahar Gharachorloo ( Life Coach , Silva Ultramind ESP Trainer, Law of Attraction trainer , Reiki Grandmaster,Past Life regression & Inner child therapist, Rebirthing breathworker, Coffe cup reading practitioner and facilitator, Pranic healing , crystal healing , dowsing , EFT & TFT practitioner and facilitator, Crystal ball gazer,

I was reading the newspaper this morning and I came across an advertisement, it said "are you worried about your kid and his future ?" And then it continued to mention how they can take away your worry buy helping your kid through following services : " stress management , behaviour modification, gain self confidence, anxiety management, mood disorder , Goal setting "!!!!!!

My jaw dropped and I am still trying to manage the look on my face and comprehend to the fact that kids need goal setting, behaviour modification and stress management !!!!!!! I mean really ?

Aren't we the source of their stress, by creating a sense of unhealthy competition, inducing them with fear of failure , bringing them down and hammering them with our unjust comparisons ???

Behaviour modification was the most amusing ? Are we trying to tame anyone here? Anxiety management????.....every word is making my head spin .
Well let's first ask who created that for our kids ? Why can't we understand that every kid is another individual , another being with his own very essense and agenda and journey , why are we treating kids as our prime possession ? 


 When we were kids all that we knew was to play with other kids , share toys , stories , play till we dropped and today kids need stress management, I am certain a kid is not capable of creating stress and anxiety for himself , so who is responsible?

Let's face it , the very loving parents do it not because it is the way we want our kid to be but because we try to fill our own gaps with their help, we want to have a self image and make them fulfill all our lapses, we want them to be someone we wish them to be so that when their name is taken , our own self image is protected .

Goal settings for children ? And whats that Goal? To be what we want them to be ? A child is just born and we have already decided what he is going to be !!!!

First we create chaos in our children's world and then we look for people to clean the mess we created !!!
It's time to wake up and allow them to grow as a being , all that we are needed for is to guide them, to hold their hands , to share , to grow with them , to accept their uniqueness and help their true potential take over ....we are not to tell them how to live their life and what to become ....We are here to help them be happy not successful ....Let them define success as per themselves not what you assume success to be .

I hope one day we all can trust the Universe and our children and their capabilities....

Friday, 23 May 2014

Coffee Cup Reading Workshop Feedback and Photos....With Sahar Gharachorloo ( Coffee cup reading practitioner & Facilitator) India

Coffee Cup Reading Workshop Feedback :

Miss. Tanuja ~ Tarot Card Reader & Energy Healer

" I loved it immensely , It is workshop i have been wanting to do for a while , I am thankful to the Universe that Sahar conducted it. This workshop has been a delight for me and an additional asset in my life and my professional growth."

Sangeeta Kochhar ~ Energy Healer

"I had lots of fun , You are a very encouraging and contributing teacher"

Jyotika B. Kharabanda

"It was amazing , enlightening and a great experience. Sahar you are an amazing and wonderful teacher. An eye opener for me. Thank you so much"

Harpreet Pasricha ~ Businessman

"Awesome Workshop"

Meenakkshi ~ Fengshui Consultant


Wednesday, 21 May 2014

I found Me....Sahar Gharachorloo

In search of You I found me , in discovering me I realized truth , in truth I merged with You ...We are one now oneness I am whole!

Your Journey Is a Choice to create Your Magic ....Sahar Gharachorloo

A new journey is a choice...
A new path - a decision....
A new outlook - a vision ...
A new You is MAGIC ....

Past Life regression & Soul Retrieval workshop by Sahar Gharachorloo

Sharing some feed backs from "Past life regression and Soul Retrieval Workshop" that was held in Delhi on 27th & 28th April 2014 .....
" The Soul Retrieval workshop has really helped me to reconnect with my Soul Journey and in the process I have had some really really enlightening & awareness moments. I am very thankful n grateful to the Universe for blessing me by attending Sahar's workshop, I loved every minute of the workshop and our group. (My POV , Isabell was guided to attend this workshop to help those she had to, her role was to help them with guidance of Sahar....God bless everyone, Atma Namaste....Amen, Angelic blessings " ~ Miss Tanuja /Delhi

"It was an amazing workshop, Sahar is a beautiful facilitator who continues to expand the Universe of the Participants, thank you Sahar, much Love "~ A.S.Misra/Delhi

"It was an amazing workshop, really feeling light with Sahar! Awesome energy , enjoyed each & every moment of this workshop.looking forward to have more and more Workshops with her. Thank you 😊 Love You "~ Gagan Kaur Tuli/ Nagpur

The key to Living in Abundance ...Sahar Gharachorloo (Law of Attraction Trainer , Silva Ultramind ESP Trainer, Access Consciousness Bars facilitator, -Motivational Speaker & Life coach , Past Life regression Therapist, Inner child therapist, Hypnotherapist,Pranic Healing, Distant Healing, Psychotherapy, Crystal and Quartz Healing. Reiki Healing and Teaching (all levels). Magnified Healing, Dowsing, Emotional Release Therapy (ERT/EFT). Coffee Reading and Card Reading.

Life offers us many opportunities to receive , when we are open to new things, when we are open to learning, when we love ourselves and we are grateful, when we love others with no condition and no expectation ,when we are non judgmental about others, situations, people & ourselves, when we are not in competition, when we understand each one of us is unique and has different abilities, when we realize everyone has his own path to follow to learn his own well serving lessons, when we no more complain, when we no more play smart , when we have no barriers and we have no ego ..

When we are most vulnerable is the time we are in allowance , that's the time we live from abundance ....That's when we are strongest , that's the time we are who we meant to be ....

Be in yourself, live your life, be grateful, be in allowance ....Live in abundance !

Live your Life ....Law of Attraction Trainer ( from Golden Inspiration ) -Motivational Speaker & Life Coach, Silva Ultramind ESP Trainer, Hypnotherapist, Past Life regression Therapist, Inner Child Therapist, Pranic Healing, Distant Healing, Psychotherapy, Crystal and Quartz Healing. Reiki Healing and Teaching (all levels). Magnified Healing, Dowsing, Emotional Release Therapy (ERT/EFT). Coffee Reading and Card Reading,

Live your life as if today was your last day !!
Yes I know you must have read and heard this many times and even encounter some few fancy answers but really think about it , can you think of it and answer from joy n vitality?
How many of us lives life that way? Do you remember when you were a kid? What all you used to do ? How free you were without being bothered about who thinks what about you? That's what I am talking about? Can you re-live your childhood once again ? The same way? You were not wrong even then , so what happened? Why do we think so much? Why have we changed ? 


 Just think of the things you used to do as a child or in your teenage that would keep you engaged for whole day and make you so happy, so alive and so joyful.....That's what I am talking about.
I am not talking about being on beach or on an Iceland if that does not work for you, I am talking about something that makes you feel alive, I remember reading all night long was so good, for me just having Turkish coffee with my mom was heaven, and now when I think it is my last day and I want to be alive I feel I want to be on stage, doing a last workshop as that makes me feel alive ....So go by what makes you feel alive , what makes you feel joy and create those moments again .....
Give yourself those moments ....Live your life the way you feel most vital, most joyous! Take an hour a day out for yourself and at least a day in a month and start to live again .

Monday, 12 May 2014

Knowing Oneself is the Ultimate Power....Sahar Gharachorloo (Life Coach, Past Life regression therapist,Inner Child Therapist, Silva Ultramind ESP Trainer, Law of Attraction Trainer, Coffee Cup Reader , Magnified healer, Pranic healing/ Crystal Healing & /Quantum Jumping & Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, Reiki Grandmaster)

I am being continuously asked similar questions by people who want to join any course or workshop or meditation session , which made me write here , maybe a larger group would benefit, questions are often ; " If I learn this can I know about the other person's intention?can I read their mind ? can I see the future? How powerful I would become?"

My answer to all such questions is we meditate or doworkshops on Soul n energy related topics to realize our selves not to read minds, we need to know ourselves, our own intentions and our own true potential.

We meditate to hear the innerself not to become powerful n read minds, though the psychic ability improves but that's a side effect not the aim.
We do not need to become powerful, we just need to become aware beings everything would follow, we do not need to know the future, we can create it ......and that is what I would call "Powerful", when you work on yourself and become the true being you are everything else changes and becomes blissful .....loads of love to all , just remember the change needs to come from within you and rest would be a Blissful journey ....Ease, joy &Glory !!!