Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Live your Life ....Law of Attraction Trainer ( from Golden Inspiration ) -Motivational Speaker & Life Coach, Silva Ultramind ESP Trainer, Hypnotherapist, Past Life regression Therapist, Inner Child Therapist, Pranic Healing, Distant Healing, Psychotherapy, Crystal and Quartz Healing. Reiki Healing and Teaching (all levels). Magnified Healing, Dowsing, Emotional Release Therapy (ERT/EFT). Coffee Reading and Card Reading,

Live your life as if today was your last day !!
Yes I know you must have read and heard this many times and even encounter some few fancy answers but really think about it , can you think of it and answer from joy n vitality?
How many of us lives life that way? Do you remember when you were a kid? What all you used to do ? How free you were without being bothered about who thinks what about you? That's what I am talking about? Can you re-live your childhood once again ? The same way? You were not wrong even then , so what happened? Why do we think so much? Why have we changed ? 


 Just think of the things you used to do as a child or in your teenage that would keep you engaged for whole day and make you so happy, so alive and so joyful.....That's what I am talking about.
I am not talking about being on beach or on an Iceland if that does not work for you, I am talking about something that makes you feel alive, I remember reading all night long was so good, for me just having Turkish coffee with my mom was heaven, and now when I think it is my last day and I want to be alive I feel I want to be on stage, doing a last workshop as that makes me feel alive ....So go by what makes you feel alive , what makes you feel joy and create those moments again .....
Give yourself those moments ....Live your life the way you feel most vital, most joyous! Take an hour a day out for yourself and at least a day in a month and start to live again .