Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The key to Living in Abundance ...Sahar Gharachorloo (Law of Attraction Trainer , Silva Ultramind ESP Trainer, Access Consciousness Bars facilitator, -Motivational Speaker & Life coach , Past Life regression Therapist, Inner child therapist, Hypnotherapist,Pranic Healing, Distant Healing, Psychotherapy, Crystal and Quartz Healing. Reiki Healing and Teaching (all levels). Magnified Healing, Dowsing, Emotional Release Therapy (ERT/EFT). Coffee Reading and Card Reading.

Life offers us many opportunities to receive , when we are open to new things, when we are open to learning, when we love ourselves and we are grateful, when we love others with no condition and no expectation ,when we are non judgmental about others, situations, people & ourselves, when we are not in competition, when we understand each one of us is unique and has different abilities, when we realize everyone has his own path to follow to learn his own well serving lessons, when we no more complain, when we no more play smart , when we have no barriers and we have no ego ..

When we are most vulnerable is the time we are in allowance , that's the time we live from abundance ....That's when we are strongest , that's the time we are who we meant to be ....

Be in yourself, live your life, be grateful, be in allowance ....Live in abundance !