Sunday, 25 May 2014

Spiritual Parenting ....Sahar Gharachorloo ( Life Coach , Silva Ultramind ESP Trainer, Law of Attraction trainer , Reiki Grandmaster,Past Life regression & Inner child therapist, Rebirthing breathworker, Coffe cup reading practitioner and facilitator, Pranic healing , crystal healing , dowsing , EFT & TFT practitioner and facilitator, Crystal ball gazer,

I was reading the newspaper this morning and I came across an advertisement, it said "are you worried about your kid and his future ?" And then it continued to mention how they can take away your worry buy helping your kid through following services : " stress management , behaviour modification, gain self confidence, anxiety management, mood disorder , Goal setting "!!!!!!

My jaw dropped and I am still trying to manage the look on my face and comprehend to the fact that kids need goal setting, behaviour modification and stress management !!!!!!! I mean really ?

Aren't we the source of their stress, by creating a sense of unhealthy competition, inducing them with fear of failure , bringing them down and hammering them with our unjust comparisons ???

Behaviour modification was the most amusing ? Are we trying to tame anyone here? Anxiety management????.....every word is making my head spin .
Well let's first ask who created that for our kids ? Why can't we understand that every kid is another individual , another being with his own very essense and agenda and journey , why are we treating kids as our prime possession ? 


 When we were kids all that we knew was to play with other kids , share toys , stories , play till we dropped and today kids need stress management, I am certain a kid is not capable of creating stress and anxiety for himself , so who is responsible?

Let's face it , the very loving parents do it not because it is the way we want our kid to be but because we try to fill our own gaps with their help, we want to have a self image and make them fulfill all our lapses, we want them to be someone we wish them to be so that when their name is taken , our own self image is protected .

Goal settings for children ? And whats that Goal? To be what we want them to be ? A child is just born and we have already decided what he is going to be !!!!

First we create chaos in our children's world and then we look for people to clean the mess we created !!!
It's time to wake up and allow them to grow as a being , all that we are needed for is to guide them, to hold their hands , to share , to grow with them , to accept their uniqueness and help their true potential take over ....we are not to tell them how to live their life and what to become ....We are here to help them be happy not successful ....Let them define success as per themselves not what you assume success to be .

I hope one day we all can trust the Universe and our children and their capabilities....