Saturday, 31 May 2014

Living our Truth .....Sahar Gharachorloo (Silva Ultra Mind ESP & Law of attraction trainer, Inner Child , Past Life regression Therapist, Rebirthing breathworker , Reiki Grandmaster, Pranic healing , Crystal healing , dowsing , crystal ball gazing , coffee cup reading practitioner and facilitator)

It is important we live our truth !!!

As a therapist, I often come across people who live not their truth but someone else', we often do this to be accepted, to be loved , to be paid attention to or even as a defense mechanism to avoid circumstances that we do not want to be in.
When we do not get what we want or as a child (this can be from the very conception, the womb memories or even till age of 21)we have been rejected too often or not been given similar attention as other siblings in our growing years, when there have been too many comparisons that made us feel small or useless or not wanted enough , it can also happen when the adult in us feels he has not been understood or is tired of trying to put his point across or is too weak to hurt his partner or kids.
This is a result of emotional and mental dysfunction , the person creates a escape root and usually these are physical illnesses or mental conditions where the family and friends have no choice but to accept them .
In a case , a young man was diagnosed with a mental condition and he was on medication for 12 Years , his medicine dose would vary from 10 tablets a day to even 31 , when we finished consultation I realized he was living a created reality not his truth, the truth was his elder brother , a known sports figure was been given all the attention by the mother since the age of 4 and he was often left behind as the mother would accompany the elder child on tours so he developed a condition to get mother's unconditional n undivided love and that was continuously falling sick or being in a condition that the mother could not leave him behind.
In another case a grown up woman, married with kids had sleep disorder and had to use a machine while sleeping , after consultation it was known that she has created this reality to avoid intimacy with husband and this was not her truth either.

Our mind is a very powerful tool and can go to any extent to manipulate our existence, the body on the other hand is very simple , it gives you straight , simple , valid signals ....All that we need to do is to listen to it and as per what we are getting we can question the mind and stop it when it is leading us to live someone Else's reality .....this is easy too just calm the mind down , be in allowance of yourself instead of confronting yourself, stop judging yourself and your mind too would be honest with you .