Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Loving Your Body....Sahar Gharachorloo (Law of Attraction , Quantum Jumping and Silva Ultramind ESP Instructor, Life Coach ,Past Life regression , Inner Child & Rebirthing breathwork Therapist & Crystal ball gazing & card and coffee reading Psychic, Reiki Grandmaster, Pranic healing , crystal healing , dowsing , access consciousness , EFT/TFT practitioner )

We have talked a lot about Soul, peace , consciousness , happiness , love etc !

How about talking about our most faithful, loving, caring partner!! Some of you might be thinking but I am single or what faithful????? everyone cheats  me, etc ....

I am talking about our body !! Yes this beautiful partner , who is faithful, loving, caring and the most beautiful, magical (Functional too) gift we have in this physical reality .

Our body is such a  powerful , beautiful gentle tool to tell us about our state of being ....It gently tells us how we are living our life, what's good and suits us , what's not meant for us, it keeps us updated and informed about our very state of being , physical health, mental health and emotional health ....only if we listen to it !!!!

Not only most of us do not listen to our body but we go steps further , we do not acknowledge it, we continuously blame the body for how it looks like , how weak, ugly, bad etc it is .... We ignore all signals and later blame it for being fat, ugly, weak, injured , unhealthy and the works .

Imagine if your body was your partner in life , it would have run away in just a week...isn't it?
With us continuously nagging at it , continuously telling our body how ugly it is and comparing it with other people, never asking it what it wants to wear , eat , how much rest it needs .....Imagine if you behaved the same way with your partner , you would have ended up separation in just a week .....Oops !!!! That sounds scary.

Oh I forgot to mention making the partner work 24/7, 365 days a year and yet deny it of even a sound sleep.

So allow this partner to be, love it, keep it clean, allow it to rest, respect it, be grateful to it and see how beautiful your relationship would turn out to be .

Our body is not only our partner but also our guide to help us know about ourselves and our every aspect of being ....If you take care of your body , you have taken a leap towards knowing yourself and having a happier life , a healthier state of being .

As we say charity starts at home , happiness and well being starts from the body . Remember our body is the temple where our Soul resides....We need to keep it clean , we need to pay respect to it , we need to love it .

So ....
eat well and rest well....
Breath , be in nature as long as you can ....
Find reasons to laugh....
Exercise three times a week not to punish the body because you want it to look a certain way but because your body enjoys it .
Sleep the day you wake up .
Love your body, respect it, listen to its demands, pay attention and keep it clean.
Be in love with your body and establish a love affair with it and see how it would respond to you