Friday, 8 August 2014

Self Love leads to Loving Life ....Sahar Gharachorloo ( Law of Attraction trainer , Silva UltraMind ESP, Life Coach, Inner child Therapist , Rebirthing breathworker, Past Life Regression therapist , Reiki Grandmaster, Pranic Healing practitioner, Access Consciousness facilitator (The Bars), Crystal Healer , Coffee cup and card reader, Crystal Ball Gazer, EFT/TFT Facilitator )

"Nothing happens by accident ...Not a leaf moves without his will ".
We often hear this phrase ,but have you wondered if this is so then why do we meet people that we do not like at the first site or why do we get into situations that turns our world upside down ? Why do we keep meeting people we do not like? Why is there room for pain in such a divine plan?
I am sure there would be many such questions and all can't be answered on this platform ....not today !!! but hopefully soon .
Today I like to answer the question about people we do not like 
Well, it seems every single person we meet has a message for us and apparently the ones we do not like have a bigger, more important message for us, they mirror us and bring to our awareness what we don't want to see about ourselves , so next time you dislike someone or someone's behavior just watch more deeply , you would know what in that person is your mirror. And once you change that you would be at comfort zone with that person ...Also remember forgiving others would not happen unless you forgive and accept yourself fully .
For the next 7 days every morning stand in front of a mirror , gaze into your own eyes and repeat :
" I am sorry, I love you & Thank you " and watch your aura expand ....
Happy Conscious living ....Have a blessed day !!!