Thursday, 7 February 2013

YOU CAN MEDITATE TOO .....................Sahar Gharachorloo (Reiki Grandmaster, Pranic Healer & Arhat Yogi, Magnified healer, Life coach , Motivational Speaker & Law Of attraction Trainer, Crystal & Dowsing Practitioner, Coffee & Card Reader)

In the past few years i have heard many people talking about how to start meditation , some relate meditation to old age and spirituality, some think in today’s modern life there is no time and scope for meditation or it is out dated to do so , I was one such person , i found it boring, out dated, time consuming , you name it and i could make an excuse out of it just not to meditate. I resisted it for almost a decade and now that i know how important it is to meditate and how much this simple yet effective method can help everyone to improve every aspect of life i feel regretful at times.

Meditation is all about giving yourself and your mind some quality time, it is a time you spend with yourself to know yourself better , there are many advantages of meditation , it increases focus, helps you know your inner strength and weaknesses and overcome the weaknesses , it increases your intuitive power, makes you more calm, gets you connected with your inner being and nature , helps you sleep better , makes you a happier person.

We all agree” to be at peace” is what we all silently wish for but that is the ultimate inner truth and meditation is one of the most easiest way to achieve peace.

There are many techniques of meditation , you can start with having a comfortable position in a quiet room and looking at a particular point , or you can have guided meditations where you follow an instructor or teacher , it can be done alone and in group, it can be simply sitting and focussing on a prayer or just a particular line or place , it can be by merely imagining  number 1-10 and back when you visualize them. It is not necessary that you have to spend 10-20 minutes a day , you can even start with just 1-2 minutes a day and as you learn to reach a deeper state of mind you would start realizing that there are a lot of changes in your personality , in your relationships and in your understanding of the world around you......It is never too late to start loving yourself deeply.