Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sometimes losing a battle is a blessing not Tragedy ....Sahar Gharachorloo

Sometimes we hold on to situations or people that are not really meant to be, we hold on so tight with all that we have in us that we do not give ourselves a chance to look around, to see and to know that we do that out of fear, fear of losing , fear of the new unknown, we just don't want to be out of the comfort zone.........We blame the situation or the person without realizing it is us who created that world not them and we give in so much that by the time we want to start afresh we don't have enough to start afresh, no energy left, no purpose ...............We don't realize that it is not unless that we let go and breath we would realize  losing that battle or person is actually a Blessing not a tragedy .... Acceptance is the key to new avenues in Life.... Just Accept, Let go and start Afresh...Sahar Gharachorloo