Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Living from a state of awareness...Sahar Gharachorloo (Life Coach, Law of Attraction trainer, Silva Ultra Mind ESP trainer, Reiki Grandmaster, Arhat Yogi with Pranic Healing, Trainer of Absolute Freedom and Power of Subconscious Mind, Crystal ball gazer , Card and Coffee Reader, Past life Regression therapist, Inner Child therapist, Crystal healing and Dowsing practitioner, EFT/TFT practitioner)

This one has been on my mind for a really long long time. I am going to talk about how judgmental we are and how most of these opinions are not even ours.
I was contacted for a talk show , so a journalist turned up at my door for the initial program schedule etc , i sensed something  was uneasy , I felt she had a question or maybe something on her mind that she was dwelling upon so I thought i would help her by just asking what that was.
What i heard next is what has made me write this article today , She asked me if this is how I would be appearing on the show , I didn’t understand at first so asked her to explain,and then she asked me if I planned to wore a Saree or perhaps something in white or Saffron that would have more impact , she also tried convincing me that I need to create an image in order to be taken seriously ....
Well, what can I say ? I was just too shocked to react .
It is interesting that how we have been conditioned to believe if someone is to talk on Soul and spirituality then she should look a particular way , it is interesting that my clothes would make people take me more seriously  than what i would have to offer, it is interesting how shallow we are , it is interesting how we buy into a reality that is not even ours and more interesting that no matter how educated we are  and no matter which era we live in we never take a second to stop and re look at the reality we have bought into.It is interesting that We do not bother to even try to know more than what we have been  taught, It is interesting that a speaker’s clothes and how she projects herself is more important than her being, more important than her knowledge and what she has to say  ....It is interesting indeed !!!
It is also a very sad reality and maybe it is time we change it , the question asked by the journalist and the suggestion of creating an image is a good marketing tool but I am not selling anything , how can i sell my identity and come and give a lecture on Soul and how a being’s journey can be.
How can I create an image and make people believe in what they see while i am trying to bring awareness and ask them to take a pause and be aware,and go deeper than what is always being sold to them? how can i do that and also ask them to be nonjudgmental?
When i look around i see only judgements, we are living our life based on what our limited physical brain knows, we are continuously evaluating things, people, situations based on what we heard and saw and maybe learnt from parents, teacher , society , have we ever thought if we take all that out and keep them aside what would be the outcome of our life?

Why is it that we have an opinion about everything and everyone before we even know the facts? Why is it that we categorize everything and then also pass judgements? why can’t we accept people and situations the way they are ? Our Brain has a very limited capacity and also perceives everything with respect with a point of reference which is our memory and that comes from all that we have seen and heard in the physical reality but is that all true ? Is everything supposed to be as we wish to see? There is no Universal truth , there is no right and wrong , it is either my truth and my right/wrong or yours, isn’t it ?
Lets understand the brain only knows that much that it has seen , heard and experienced, what if there was more to the people around us than their physical reality ? What if we stop for a moment and relate to our own consciousness and see beyond all that has been fed to us? What if we know that every being , every Soul has a unique journey and has to learn his own lessons and on its way to learn he may encounter people he may hurt,  love or care or support because that was planned and meant to be that way ? Would we still judge people by the way they look , where they live and what they do ?
Let me make it more simple lets imagine this is a movie and everyone that we encounter is playing a role, some good and some bad but that is their job , they are doing as per the scripted story and all planned to work together to make the movie , they all signed an agreement to come together and work on the same project for a particular outcome , would we still judge them ?
Life too is similar to that movie, we all at a Soul plane agreed to come together and meet at particular points of time to do a certain role and the outcome of all those roles was a lesson for everyone and a reward for everyone.
Lets stop judgements, lets live from a state of awareness and consciousness...Lets just do our jobs well and let’s give meaning to our life ....Lets make life beautiful and get rid of those baggage that teach us not to love , not to respect and to judge ! Let’s begin