Saturday, 28 December 2013

We talk about affirmations and how they effect us, affirmations are positive phrases that work wonders in any aspect of life...we know that everything around us is energy and so are we, our thoughts too are very powerful vibrations that help us connect with the universe and when we give our thoughts a physical form and make them words combined with the energy of sound they become further more powerful and when we add feelings to it we start the process of manifestation of our thoughts and signal the Universe that this is an emergency call and we want what we desire asap...intact NOW!

Energy Healing Bliss is gifting all it's audience and followers few such powerful affirmations to welcome you to 2014 on a positive note :

**I have the ability to build mutually beneficial and awesome relationship with people in my career.
**My life is filled with loving relationships & trust worthy people.
**I am grateful for all the kind , loving & respectful relationships in my life.
**Everything I do is guided and brings personal, financial and spiritual growth to me and the people around me.
**I live in an absolute state of abundance and enjoy good health, financial growth and joy every moment .
** I am a healthy, jouyous person and live in abundance .

Please note affirmations are most powerful when repeated several times a day and for a continuous period of time ...

Have a rocking 2014..

Stay blessed