Monday, 16 December 2013

All that gives Joy ...Is all that is true! Sahar Gharachorloo...(Law Of Attraction trainer, Silva Ultra Mind ESP Trainer, Reiki Grandmaster, Arhat Yogi with Pranic healing, Trainer -Power of Subconscious Mind, Card and Coffee reader, Crystal Ball gazer, EFT/TFT practitioner, Crystal Healing and Dowsing Practitioner, Magnified Healer, Past Life Regression Therapist , Inner Child Therapist)

Someone asked me is it better to give or receive? If the ultimate desire of human is to be joyous then is it giving that gives more joy or is it receiving?
Well when you give from a state of joy that is when you help others and give emotional , financial aid from a state of joy , when you give because that makes you happy and you believe that your giving would make them happy is the time you shld step forward and help, if you give from a state of need then you are creating more vibration of need in yours as well as their universe....need comes from a state of lack and since we are being focused on lack and need we are creating more lack and need. However if we give with joy we create the vibration of joy for them and for ourselves .....perhaps you should do only those things where you feel joy, whether it is to give or to receive .....We create our universe as a result of our own thoughts and then begin to manifest those thoughts when we add emotions.....since our ultimate purpose is Joy we need to create with joy and not with need.....and that stands for anything and everything!!!! It's as simple as that ....