Friday, 29 November 2013

Soulmate relationships....Sahar Gharachorloo ( Life Coach , Law of Attraction trainer , Silva Ultra Mind ESP Trainer , EFT/TFT practitioner,Crystal Healing and Dowsing Therapist, Access Consciousness therapist, Magnified Healer, Reiki Grandmaster, Pranic healing Arhat yogi, Card and Coffee reader)

Does always a soulmate relationship is a perfect relationship ?

The question of soulmates and soulmate relationships and types of Soulmate relationships are very common questions that i keep encountering most of the times, so i decided to write about it.

It would be naive if we expect that a soulmate relationship is always an easy-going one.

Of course life would have been a lot more simpler and much more fun if it was so , if we all could know our soul mates and have harmonious relationships, We would have been so much more contented , well the news is ," it does not always happen that way".We often have soul mates who love us so much that they are ready to have a difficult relationship or even be hated in order to help us learn what we are here to learn during our current lifetime.
It is always observed that our most problematic relationships are the ones that bring us most growth. Of course all soul mate relationships are not difficult , there are mostly enjoyable , enriching and satisfying but they aren't necessarily always smooth sailing. Soul mate relationships are relationships that help us the maximum in our Soul journey , whether they are easy or difficult ones is not the aim of the relationship , the aim is to help one another to grow and develop as a soul and do maximum learning, that can be through harmonious relationships or through difficult and tedious ones.
Sometimes Soul mates agree to come back as friends while they are planning their next Soul journey however after being in current life and meeting again due to deep connection they have had, they may forget their agreement on the soul plane and  start a love relationship, they maybe married to different people so their intense emotional connection may cause problems that were not meant to happen.

Other Soul mate categories like mother and child or siblings may carry certain memories to this current lifetime from past lives , for example a sister who dislikes brother's wife due to a memory of her poisoning the brother soul in a past life, or a clinging mother who can not let her child out of her sight even if he is a grown up adult now because he was killed in front of her in a past life.

Soul mate relationships are deeper connections , that one would know immediately and they are definitely to help the soul learn the lessons and evolve, this can be through a deep friendship, love and happiness or by way of problems and difficulties.
All that we need to understand about relationships is that we all agreed to meet certain people at the Soul plane in order to learn the lessons we had to learn , the relationship and its joy and happiness or the relationship and its difficult times was an agreement we made, our physical mind can not remember and understand that but at a Soul level we know what for we are here for and who all we would meet and get help from , its just that the way we are helped is different due to our past lives and past life connections we have had.

If i have to sum up this in a way that is brief ,crisp and easily understandable for our physical mind with its limited capability then it would be " No expectations, no blame game ....our Life is what we chose & planned and we do have a choice to redesign it , all that we have to do is remember we can create our own reality all over again " .

 So LET'S DO IT !!!