Monday, 25 November 2013

Sahar Gharachorloo...Trainer (Silva Ultra Mind ESP, Law of Attraction "The Secret", Power of Subconscious Mind, Absolute Freedom ), Reiki Grandmaster, Arhat Yogi with Pranic Healing, Crystal Healing and Dowsing practitioner, Past Life regression Therapist, EFT/TFT Practioner, Life Coach,Crystal Ball Gazer,Coffee and Card reader,Peactioner of Access Consciousness"The Bars", Magnified healer

3rd Law Of Attraction Workshop concluded on 23rd Nov 2013 in Chandigarh...
It gives me a pleasure to share with you all some of the Feedbacks.

Mr.Gurmeet Singh (Managing Director of a Group Company) : It was Enlightening , got many answers , I had read the book "The Secret" and the sequence "The Power" and i thought i would only brush up , I have just realized what those books were all about.

Ms.H.Gill: Self Employed (Baker): It was very interesting and knowlegable, It helped me realize that positivity plays the most important role in life and it feels as if i have a 1000 WW wire in me , totally recharged.

Ms.Avantika S.: It was quite enlightening.

It a great pleasure to see people's life change and the best reward is when they discover an all new Self.

Wonderful Experiences ....

Lets gear up for the next workshop and end 2013 on a beautiful note in dec.