Friday, 3 January 2014

Past Life Regression Therapy ....Sahar Gharachorloo (Past Life Regression Therapist, Innerchild Therapist, Law of attraction Trainer , Silva Ultramind ESP Trainer (USA), Life coach , Reiki Grandmaster, Arhat Yogi with Pranic Healing , Crystal Ball Gazer, Trainer of Power of Subconcious Mind, Magnified Healer, Crystal Healing and Dowsing Practitioner, Card & Coffee reader, Quantum Jumping trainer)

Past Life Regression Therapy:

Past Life Regression Therapy is a process through which an individual retrieves & re lives the past memories that can be of previous births or even this birth. Through regression therapy the individual retrieves, re-lives, re-experiences and releases the past life memories that may have caused issues and troubles in the current birth.
There are different techniques used and achieving a successful past life therapy experience can be done through hypnotic and non hypnotic methods. The person who is undergoing the process is usually called the “Subject “or “Client “and the person guiding the subject is usually called “facilitator” or “Therapist”.
We as human being are a sub total of all our memories from this life time and also many life times before, everything we have experienced in physical, mental, emotional & spiritual level in this lifetime and any past life time gets imbibed in our subconscious and we carry all those memories, impressions, fears, phobias, consequences related to those memories and all the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual learnings, memories, pains and sufferings birth after birth. Sometimes incidents, situations which created trauma and fears in a life time are so deep routed due to the issue being unresolved that the individual keep encountering them in many other lives, these are blocks created at a subconscious level which we keep carrying with us unless they are resolved.
These incidents and blocks of the past create physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ailments. Through past Life Regression therapy an Individual is able to re-live those incidents and hence with the help of the therapist relieve those memories, pains and sufferings.
Past Life Regression Therapy works on the principle of cause and effect, so through this process the individual (Subject), goes back and nullifies the effect by treating the cause of the issues he is facing.
How is it done?
During a Past Life Regression session the Subject is guided to a state of Trance and further guided to past life memories that are the root cause of the current Life problems, once those memories and their cause are brought to awareness and the subject has a clear understanding of the origin of the issues, then therapist helps the subject to alter them at a subconscious level.
Is it Safe?
Past Life Regression Therapist is a safe medium of healing and releasing the blocks and issues that are causing ailments of any kind to a person however a word of caution would be one need to choose the Therapist wisely.