Sunday, 12 January 2014

All Emotions Are Valid...Sahar Gharachorloo( Silva Ultra Mind ESP Instructor, Law of Attraction Trainer, Life Coach, Past Life Regression Therapist, Inner Child Facilitator, Reiki Grandmaster,Arhat Yogi with Pranic healing , Magnified Healing practitioner & Facilitator, Crystal Healing & Dowsing Practitioner, Trainer for Quantum Jumping, Power of Subconscious mind, Card & Coffee reader, Crystal ball Gazer) )

There was a phase of my life that I was going through a real difficult time, my personal life was all upside down and had started to effect my professional life too, like any other smart person I thought “God helps only those who help themselves “,  so the first step was to accept that things were beyond my control, second best step was to accept that I needed help and the 3rd best step yet most difficult step was to seek help but of course it had to be discrete. How could I let people know I was in trouble??
Sometimes we take life way too seriously and take ourselves even more seriously , we think we can handle all that comes, we believe in the” myth” that we can change everything by changing others  ,I was sailing through those super woman times of my life and because of the professional positions I had held somehow it was difficult to even imagine the so called self created self image may get sabotaged if people knew I too had problem , when I think of it now , it feels so stupid but then we all have those moments, don’t we? With so much on my mind I just could have not bring myself to think what people would think and talk if they knew I too had gone wrong and was paying dearly for it, they would have said she is not good enough to handle her own situation and you know how bad that can get ....Judgements, gossip, a sense of failure, professional reputation and the list was really long.
Finally I gathered all my courage and strength and put the mask of do it or die attitude & took an appointment from a counsellor and went to see a therapist, I still remember I even chose another city ...It is hilarious now that I am writing about it, hilarious because I really don’t know what was I thinking ? How did I forget that I too was a human being and capable of making mistakes and going through difficult times .Funny isn’t it?
I remember I met 3 counsellors and they all assured me it was natural to feel the way I felt after all that I had to tell them , I just could not understand how could it be natural ? I had become short tempered and would lose it at a drop of a hat, I was now working 16 hrs a day just to avoid the personal situation, I would feel lonely most of the times, cry often and they said it was natural to be like that? How could that be natural? As long as I remembered I was always told by everyone that being strong and in control of emotions was the only natural and healthy way of being right and living a good life. So I decided that they all knew nothing and I needed  to control all those emotions, anger , sadness, grief , loneliness ...It took me a few months and I was successful , I congratulated myself with pride on knowing more than all those practicing therapist .It wasn’t long enough before I had realized something inside me was dying ....From angry , sad , aloof , I had gone to cold, heartless and emotionally numb !It took me 3 years to realize that my genius had lead me to a rock solid mountain ,actually not really a mountain but a Volcano , just building up on those  pent up emotions and ready to erupt at any moment !
And suddenly one fine day it happened, in the process of being in control I had lost it all...Anger was now rage & Sadness was now a deep sense of rejection. When I remember those years I realize I was just trying to be someone I was told I should be, It was so important that people thought “I was fine” that I ignored all emotions, I forgot what being fine really felt, all that I was doing was just suppressing every emotion that was inside instead of going to the route cause, uprooting them and clearing them.
One miraculous day I decided I could not be doing this anymore, I had to take a U-turn and go back to very first place I had started from and one by one accept, validate and heal those emotions. In the process I learnt all our emotions are valid, it is fine if we feel anger, rage, grief, sadness ...It is so human to feel all that however our ultimate purpose is to live in a state of joy and that can be achieved if we validate all emotions and channelize them towards the right direction. We need to reach to the very cause of it and eliminate the cause not the emotion.  The first step is to accept how you feel, find out the reason and channelize the emotion to something that gives you happiness and joy. Get rid of judgements, guilt ,resentments and regret ....Know everything happens for a reason and everything that happens , happens to teach us ,learn from everyone and everything without judgement, be grateful  for all that life offers,  forgive and let go but don’t ignore how you feel ! Remember we all seek love, joy and peace and the only way to happiness is through our own selves. ...Our emotions are the language of our mind so Pay ATTENTION!