Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Psychology of the disease ...We plan our diseases too !! by Sahar Gharachorloo ( Therapist , Life coach < Motivational Speaker , Past Life Regression Therapist , Inner Child & Re-birthing Breathworker therapist, Silva Ultramind ESP Instructor , Law of Attraction Trainer , Reiki Grandmaster ,& Practitioner of over 25 holistic healing modalities

Everything that happens in our lives is planned by us before we decide to come to this earth , saying so even our diseases .
A client of mine came to me last year, as we got through the consultation she told me that out of the blue , just before her marriage her kidneys had failed and she had to undergo a kidney transplant ....
We did some therapies together , she did some workshops with me and then she started to read and look at this physical reality with a better sense of awareness ...
Just few days back I sensed that now she is ready and capable of changing her reality , I had waited for over a year to be able to tell her that your health issue is your creation , you can undo it !!
She asked me again , why do you think I had the kidney problem just before my marriage ?
Waiting so long I jumped at the opportunity and told her "maybe because you knew it is going to be a difficult marriage and you decided this dis-ease in order to gain sympathy , attention and to also ensure the marriage is saved ? Does this resonate with you ? "
She then started to recall all the events and told me from a very early age she always thought to herself that my marriage is not going to be easy , why can't my parents know that ? And just a month or so before marriage her both kidneys had failed without any illness , without any prior history , she said when I was in operation theatre I knew I am going to be fine and this was temporary .

Today all her reports are normal , after the realization and acceptance of her spouse as he is and acceptance of her marriage as it is .She is surprised but while connecting the dots she has been able to see it clearly . She feels empowered , she knows she can uncreate anything .

Similarly if we all understand how powerful a creator we are , every single one of us can change his/ her reality .
The idea is to know, acknowledge , accept and practice the power within . To see everything from an observer's point of view , to have no judgement of self and others , to be in now and here , to go deeper into the self , all answers and solutions stays within , waiting for us to connect .