Friday, 12 September 2014

Detachment brings Inner peace !!! Sahar Gharachorloo ( Life Coach, Silva Ultramind ESP Instructor , Reiki Grandmaster , Law of Attraction Trainer , Past Life regression/Inner child/ Rebirthing breathwork facilitator & Trainer, Pranic Healer, Quantim Jumping facilitator , Crystal Ball Gazer, Coffee cup reader and trainer , Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator )

People often ask how can I be detached ? Won't I be selfish if I am detached ? What would people think if I stop to care ? How can I be human if I am detached ?
There are many more questions that pop up the moment I tell people that they need to be detached , there is so much confusion around this word...

Here it is , a simple explanation! Detachment does not mean you cease to be kind, caring or human as people put it , detaching yourself simply means be an observer , do not attach too much energy and emotion to what's going on , you can still be kind , generous , helpful & Human ! 

You don't have to get bugged down , stressed, angry , hurt , bitter and feel helpless to prove you are nice or to feel the humanity within. Have you ever heard a nurse getting stressed about how a patient is feeling or a doctor starting to cry at a sight of a child who is dis-eased? No ! Not because they are not human and they don't have a heart neither it means because they are not getting emotional they can't do a good job.... They simply have practice , if they start crying with the patient and start to mourn and involve too much emotion who will do the treatment ? They observe , examine and do their best and move to another patient , they don't get stuck .

We need to be that doctor/ nurse of our life and our life events. Every time in a situation of dis-ease we need to observe , examine , do our best and move to the next moment of life , next challenge of life without getting emotional .
We need to help everyone that we possibly can if they are ready to receive help without getting bugged , disturbed , worried , without becoming bitter, sad , angry and hurt . Our peace ends when we get emotionally involved in a situation , we need to practice to be a detached observer in order to have the happiness and peace we all are continuously striving for.

Happy detaching ....