Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Past Life Regression ~ Sahar Gharachorloo

Most of the times people who see past lives see themselves as victims ,( including myself in the initial stage of my work ), even if they see a past life in which they were the perpetrator they would see the nice side of that character or role , this is a result of this physical reality's polarity concept . We are so conditioned that we need to behave well , be good , be righteous, be positive etc that we refuse to see all that we are . The subconscious is so trained over many many life times that despite starting to be more aware , despite sometimes so desperately wanting to look for answers most of us do not wish to see the other pole ....the so called , negative , dark , bad side of us.
The truth is there is no good and bad,no right n wrong ,no dark and light ....Everything is one!!
unless we understand and embrace all of that we are , the dark , the light , the victim and the perpetrator , the good the bad ,we would not be one with all that is , we would not have a full experience of our being .
In a self regression session recently I saw two perpetrator lives , I had gross lives and even worse deaths and when in LBL( Life between Life ) I saw both parts of me that I had divorced waiting to join me and be back with me , I clearly got the sense of awareness the other two light beings are non but my own discarded self which finally i integrated ,it's a very recent session so I would not know how my life would change with this session but I am sure it would be a whole new life , more comfortable with my self and more whole ....Would share as and when I get awareness and the connections.... I also recognized 3 people from this lifetime who had been betrayed by me in that life and they had in return betrayed me ....It's so interesting when the dots start to connect ....