Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Know yourself ~ Inner Wisdom Sahar Gharachorloo

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom ~ Aristotle 

Who looks outside, dreams ; who looks inside, awakes ~ Carl Jung

There has to be something that all the great names in the history of mankind no matter if philosophers , scientists or psychologists they all insist on knowing the self , they all insist on introspection , they all insist of being aware of the self in order to know the world , in order to do better in life , in order to have peace .

And still most of us are hell bent upon knowing more about others , changing others , wanting everyone and everything around us to change for us to be happy , successful and at peace !!

Well , I have got bad news , unless you do your homework and do work on yourself you would not have the peace and happiness , you would not be at ease , you may have more and do more but you would miss your own very essence of being ....You will miss your uniqueness in the quest of trying to be like others , you may even forget being yourself since you are always focusing on others .

Maybe this simple example would make it more clear ....Most of us travel , we all love traveling , it's so much fun to see new places !! Thanks to all the doings and having beliefs most of us can afford luxury trips , staying in good places , eating well , shopping etc. Do you agree ?

But what is the first thing you say when you come back to your home ? Usually we hear people say " home sweet home" or "nothing like the comfort of your own home" ....etc ! We hear and say such phrases after reaching home , isn't it?

Well , being yourself and knowing yourself is like being home ....Our achievements , measures of success if based on having more and doing more are like that luxury trip , we enjoy it , love it , keep memories of it but it's temporary ....within few months it's over , we would want to go to another destination ....Because those are not home , those are not Our essence, they don't belong to us , we don't feel that we belong to them ....Our possessions and success own us , we don't own them ! 
We own our very self , that is home , that is what we are ....When you pursue your passion and you follow your calling then you are free , no amount of success, money , name and fame can own you because you know you can create more of the same , because you know there would be abundance and no one can take it away from you , you would do everything with ease without the fear of loosing it ....
Come back home dear , come back to yourself and discover the powerful creator you are ....Create the life you love , create what you want with ease & joy ....