Friday, 18 July 2014

Come On Inner Peace I don't have all Day .....Sahar Gharachorloo

Come on Inner peace , I don't have all Day!

Most of us are in so much hurry to do everything!!! we want to grow fast , finish school asap , finish college asap, get the first job asap, get the first promotion asap and so on much so that we want the Inner Peace asap too.

Being from a corporate background I can relate to this ASAP very well , it's just that when I look back at life I hardly have any memories , even when the success and achievement came along I was in so much hurry to do the next task and climb the next step that I rarely had time to feel the joy of success , I rarely had time to share my achievements.
Why do we do this ? Why do we forget to live life ?
We are always on the fast forward mode and at one point of time we exhaust all internal & external resources and then we feel we need to take help . We are so used to not living life that when we are looking at treating our stress , or solving our problems or even when we are looking at Inner peace and going back to finding how to live life , we want that to happen ASAP too.

It's interesting when we give our work and our boss years and years and we over work everyday , spend 8-10 hours of everyday in order to help the organization grow and in return we take a salary home with side effects such as stress , frustration etc but when it comes to ourselves and our bodies we are always short of time , we usually do not have time for ourselves . Let's take out time for ourselves , let's appreciate our body , let's take small steps , the journey maybe slower but for sure more pleasurable , let's celebrate our achievements , let's be more loving and tolerant of our selves ....Let's quit existing and start living !!!!
If you learn to live life ,you would not need to run after inner peace , It would blossom on its on.

Let's Celebrate Life every minute , every second !!! Let's be in love with It!!``Sahar Gharachorloo