Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Silva Ultramind ESP system's workshop Feedback ....Facilitator ( Sahar Gharachorloo)

Feedbacks from Silva Ultramind ESP Systems Workshop- Chandigarh - July 2014 

My experience during the workshop was very profound, each and every meditation was healing and i could feel my energies opening up.All the exercises and practices were very very encouraging and i feel very confident that Silva Ultramind will open up a whole new aspect /dimension to my healing practice.

Amrita A. ~ Chandigarh/ Healer

It is a wonderful workshop based on a lot of meditations to program our mind and to improve our ESP. Ms.Sahar is a wonderful , friendly and full of knowledge Master. God bless her. It is a nice experience spending time in the two days workshop which was very well managed.Thank you .

Pooja Jain~ Jalandhar/ Founder Hoilistic Healing

I have had a great experience with Sahar. She is very helpful , I feel I am in the right place now, Its a God's gift , It was a wonderful experience and I am thrilled with the Psychometery abilities and how I could do remote viewing .

Sangeet Mann ~ Sirhand/ Seeker

Sahar taught very patiently , I could follow all meditations and easily reach my center however my remote viewing skills still needs practice, on the whole it was great to be a part of this workshop.

Gurmeet Singh A. ~ Chandigarh / MD group Companies

It was a great experience, most importantly i have become more confident of myself. Thanks Sahar!