Monday, 3 June 2013

On Guilt & Self Victimization .... Sahar Gharachorloo (Motivational speaker, Law Of Attraction Trainer, Reiki Grandmaster, Arhat Yogi with Pranic Healing , Crystal & Dowsing Practitioner, Magnified Healer, EFT/TFT specialist, Card & Coffee Reader)

During many of my consultation I have noticed that there is one emotion that has the very same effect on almost every person whom i have met.
Usually every emotion has different type of effects on different individuals however Guilt was usually originated with same cause and resulted in almost same effects. During all these subjective case to case studies and while researching on the subject it has become very clear that we carry two different types of Guilt , one that is result of conscious wrong decisions and the second type is the guilt we carry usually as a result of a very thoughtful , calculative measure which as per today's terminology we can call "Practical decisions" ,and as a result we end up either going wrong in our own life or end up hurting our near and dear ones.

It does not matter what the origin of Guilt is , guilt is a destructive impression that can ruin relationships, result in depression and even destroy lives especially of the Individuals carrying it.
What is more interesting is that no matter what the origin is, it is always either result of Self Victimization ( in case of known wrong decisions) or it would result in self victimization ( In case of strong practical decisions).

Lets understand both type of guilt and its relation with Self Victimization. When Guilt is the result of a conscious wrong decision , we end up being a victim for the people around , we start to justify our wrong decisions and explain how helpless we were and out of no choice we had to take a decision and end up where we are today. These decisions are decisions we take while our inner self is continuously telling us either by way of different type of feelings , or some obvious signs such as negative vibes, a sentence a random person says and we immediately connect it to our situation etc , somehow somewhere deep inside we know we are going wrong but the temptation is so much that we suppress the inner voice, we ignore other's advice behave as if never saw any sign and go ahead and take that tingling wrong decision. In such cases Self victimization starts after Guilt and we initially do it just to justify ourselves in front of people not realizing the mind is such that once it masters any task it keeps producing the same thing over and over again, and of course the universe comes to its help to ensure we sympathize more, we feel guilt more which would result in more justification and more self pity and eventually we start believing we were a victim of circumstances and the vicious circle never stops. If you read this carefully you would realize here guilt is a fake impression that we carry to justify the known wrong decision just to escape judgements which eventually becomes a strong belief and the Soul carries it till we learn the lesson of taking responsibility of our actions, till we learn to listen to our inner voice , till we have true faith.

In the second scenario where we carry guilt because we took a very practical decision at a point of time in a particular situation that resulted in some painful circumstances we carry guilt because we have limited knowledge, in this case guilt happens because we are too attached , because we don't see beyond the physical world and we do not know every Soul has its plan , nothing happens without it being planned. We took a decision with all that capability we had and the intention was for the best of everyone however it did not turn out to be as we planned because every other person had a different plan and had to go through certain situations for certain learnings. We forget to understand that we took the decision as per what we knew and what was our journey , we can not live the life of others, we do not know what is their journey all about and why they chose to be in a situation where something had to go wrong . Here again as you see, guilt is a false emotion , it happens due to lack of knowledge and too much attachment.

We need to understand all that is important is" to have the right intentions" ," to have the good will and the will to do good",all that we need to do is" to do our best to help people without judging and be able to have faith and let go".

Guilt is destructive , it is a false impression we carry for above mentioned reasons , as the Zoroastrians say 
"THINK GOOD, TALK GOOD & DO GOOD " and leave the rest to the Divine and you would never go wrong.