Sunday, 30 June 2013

Self Empowerment....Sahar Gharachorloo (Law Of attraction trainer, Reiki Grandmaster, Pranic Arhat Yogi, Crystal Healing and dowsing Practioner, Card and Coffee reader, Magnified Healer)

Angels fly because they take themselves lightly, Angels also fly because they take their freedom seriously ...

Does that sound simple to understand ?
I am sure it does, it is simple & precise... but is it as easy to fly ? Well , the answer is NO in capital letters.

To take ourselves lightly and be able to open our wings to fly we need to get rid of our negative, destructive ego , we need to get rid of jealousy , we need to be able to listen to criticism and be open to change , a revolutionary change within, we should be able to look inside ourselves with a microscope and identify the negative traits and ensure we are disciplined enough to follow a regime that helps us bring in positivity , bring in compassion and love for others,we need to start being non judgmental towards others and towards ourselves, to accept that we are human beings, and human beings make mistakes , accept that we are responsible for the actions we do and reactions people do in return . I am sure it no more sounds rosy and easy but then it is not impossible, it just needs the willingness to change to take the first step towards true self liberation and self empowerment.

Once you identify where you are going wrong , and start working towards changing yourself for the better , all other doors would open one by one and you would recognize and cherish the miracles in life, you would see more colors , more love and a smooth sailing .

Once you are on the right track you need to take that freedom seriously , you need to give priority to what makes you happy , to fight for your happiness, to respect your freedom and also respect freedom of others, to understand others too would follow their own journey and we are just co passengers , everyone needs to pursue his happiness, his source of freedom.
It is also important we realize that unless we love and respect ourselves and our freedom , we can not expect others to love and respect us, there is a very thin line between loving ourselves and being self centered , there is also a very narrow gap between positive, constructive ego and the negative, destructive ego ....We need to know where to draw the line.

Just Get rid of the extra weight , open your wings and fly ....You would enjoy the freedom of your liberated Soul !