Monday, 24 June 2013

Soulmates & Relationships ....We can love one another but we can not belong to another by Marrianne Williamson (Explains Sahar Gharachorloo)

"Soulmates & Relationships ....We can love one another but we can not belong to another".

Before i start explaining the few lines above , I would like to thank the Divine and the Universe for every blessing ...."Life is Magic and Miracles Happen ", it is true indeed. We just do not realize how many small miracles form our days and our years and our life. All that we need, all that we desire & all the answers to our questions are right there in front of us , ready for us to take them .............Only if we open our arms & extend our hands, Only if we open our eyes to see, open our ears to hear and open our mind and heart to receive and absorb.


I was chatting with a friend of mine in another country on "what's app" and he asked me if we can make someone we really like but we can not be with in this life our spouse or soulmate for the next birth and then he mentioned if at all there would be another birth...........I thought to myself, " Wow ! what an interesting question and also realized how little I knew " but here is the miracle, I found the answer and that is the miracle of today .
I had sat to have my dinner when i heard a noise , i checked behind the table and there was this unwanted guest that froze my appetite...There was a lizard in the dinning room. I tried getting rid of it but did not succeed , since i could not eat anymore I decided I would just read, well ! i picked up a book that was gifted to me a month back which i had not read because i am already reading another book .I opened a page randomly and told to myself if i find a new topic that i have not read before or if there is a message for me i would share it on the blog.

And here it is , the answer to the question i was asked in the morning , isn't that a miracle?

It read :

"Sometimes, if we are very lucky, a hand is laid upon us which has the power by its very touch , to claim us for his own. And once we are claimed, there is nowhere else to go.We can love another but not belong to another.Once we know to whom we belong, nothing can change what we know"...Marrianne Williamson.

Lets pause here for a moment and let this sink in .

It is so obvious, isn't it ? Most of us in the course of our lives have been in relationships that were not right for us long-term, no matter how hard we tried to convince ourselves and no matter how madly in love we were at that point of time. Not every relationship would last forever and is meant to be kept , neither they are our failures, we would have learned our lessons on the way home even if they were not necessary to be as tough as we chose them to be.

Most incredible relationships have always been the ones where two people felt that they belonged to each other and trusted their feelings and had the courage to follow what they knew, it does not mean it was easy , smooth and perfect but it worked because they both worked to make it work.

"Soulmates are made , not met"

Most of us spend many years looking for that perfect person , we start to have an image and know all the attributes that we think the soulmate should have and we end up getting hurt and eventually think that relationships don't work , the relationship won't work because we are forcing our image on someone who is not the same as we have been dreaming of , we create and want to always have a picture perfect relationship , if you belong to a person how does it matter how he looks like or how much money he has or how tall he is ....Drop your idea , the image you have created , let go of the picture perfect image and instead trust what you know and once you know you belong to that one person , have the courage to follow your knowing and honor your intuition , act upon it , don't drop the love when things get tough , refuse to be weak , fight for your happiness....You will heal each other, heal the pain of the past ,heal the loneliness , heal the sorrows and your love will astound you .

It would be amazing but only if you know to trust yourself. You need to silent the noises to hear the voice, noise of the child within you , noise of the adolescence within you , noise of the negative ego and you would hear one voice , the voice of your gut, the voice that would never lie , just trust it , don't silence it , hear it , it never lies, hear it and take the first step.

It is not the person we are with , it is who we are when we are with that person, when you need someone who makes you be the best you can be , when you know you need someone and consciously choose to need is when you know you only belong to that person. Only a powerful person can make such a choice, knowing you could live without her but choosing not to.
This might appear contrary to what we have been taught about self reliance and independence , and yet it has nothing to do with these concepts. This is the paradox of love and choice, Let it sink in , think about self reliance and independence and then love and choice....You would soon smile with both your mind and your  heart.
"Once you know where you belong, nothing can change this knowing", well only knowing is not enough, you need to work on it to make it work ...You have to make it happen , you have to nourish the love! If you are lucky to have found the home , you need to honor it.

We do have more than one soulmate but only if we are very lucky we meet....If you are lucky and blessed, honor it , fight for it ....It is choosing to be happy Vs.letting go and
searching in hope of another relation.

Our relationships can be our greatest challenge but they also can be the greatest joy, one of the most rewarding, the most fulfilling and most incredible experiences of our lifetime.When the relationship is right , we no more hide our true self, our light, our magnificence will shine as well, we will be seen....