Sunday, 21 April 2013

A step to Liberating your Soul...Sahar Gharachorloo

Have you ever done the extreme? Have you ever liberated your Soul?

Have you ever just closed your eyes and done the unknown?

 When we indulge in any adventure sport we do the extreme, extreme of what at that moment in life we can think of and when we remember those moments we always cherish the memory, we always have a big smile, we still feel the adrenaline rush.
Many of us have found some ways of getting that excitement back, to let go the body or push it to its optimum level and the result is a great sense of achievement, great memories and we feel we have lived our life.
What about our Soul? Have we ever tried to go the extra mile to reach out to our Soul, to cherish what we have done for our soul or have we ever done anything to  nourish  our Soul? Some of you who are reading this maybe wondering what does that mean? How is our Soul different from us? The truth is the Soul is not different from us but is the forgotten, neglected version of us. 
The soul where our true happiness can be attained through its nourishment is what we neglect the most because it does not speak , Our body shows discomfort with pain , injury etc and makes us understand that we need to pay attention to it , our mind is so loud that keeps us occupied with what should we buy next , which place we need to visit next , which school to get children to , the mind is so busy and loud planning the physical world all the time that it leaves us with very little time to listen to our soul , to understand our true purpose.

The soul on the other hand talks to us in silence; it is the loudest when the mind is the calmest. How beautiful would that be to devote some little time to the Soul too and balance our lives, it not only helps us in balancing our life but also it helps us know ourselves better , it helps us rejuvenate, it helps us to do the impossible. One of the ways you can observe and connect to your inner voice and your inner conscious is through meditation, it helps you liberate, it helps you calm down and look at the situations from a third angle, you would take more accurate measures to improve your life, you would be able to master your body and mind and in return the universe would reward you by putting you on the right track. Your intuition would become stronger, you would be more contented as when you do the right thing the entire universe comes together to ensure you achieve what you desire.
Just a few minutes of meditation a day would lead you to liberation.

By Sahar Gharachorloo( Pranic Healer, Reiki Grandmaster, Law of Attraction Trainer, Motivational speaker, Dowsing & Crystal Healing Practioner, Magnified healer, EFT/TFT practioner, Card & Coffee reader)