Friday, 12 April 2013

Ego Vs.Love...Sahar Gharachorloo( Motivational Speaker, Law of attraction trainer, Reiki Grandmaster, Pranic Healer, Magnified healer, Crystal & Dowsing healing practioner, Card & Coffee reader)

We often hold on to relationships for the wrong reasons,  not only that, we even hold on to a people who have left us or cheated on us in someway and for some very wrong reasons not because we still love them or we are afraid of being alone again but because we can't let go of our ego and accept that we have been rejected. There are people who move on to another relationships and still can not let go of their ex, clearly it is no more about love and being afraid of loosing the person but because of hurt ego and a sense of rejection.
If we are not letting go because of the wrong reasons we are hurting ourselves and actually adding to the agony , we would be unable to enjoy the new relationship we are in and we are just adding to the pain without the actual cause , basically we are then cheating ourselves.
Being hurt by someone we loved or being cheated and rejected is in itself a painful experience but when we add to that pain because of our ego we are just increasing the pain and spoiling the future for false reasons. It is better to let go and start afresh and be with someone who truly wants to be with us and values and appreciates who we are. And anyways the best remedy for any emotional pain is forgiveness...