Sunday, 18 January 2015

Our Body , Our most faithful companion ....Sahar Gharachorloo

Our Body is such a beautiful piece of Art , it never lies and can very precisely tell us what's wrong, where .
I have been having this weird pain in a very weird place for approximately 2 months now and like most healers /therapists I was continuously ignoring it till last evening when it became so uneasy that I no more could bear it so I decided to deal with it and honor my body which has been so patiently waiting for me to listen ...
I asked the pain and the body part what was bothering it and what was the message for me , what came back was so interesting , so beautiful that left me puzzled , amazed and made my life flash in front of my eyes like a movie on a fast forward mode . The body responded :" I am tired , I want to take it easy , why can't you relax ? Have compassion with me" , upon this response I checked the chakra associated with the pain and it was a minor chakra called illiac Fossa which represents torture n trauma ....
I realized that how rough and pushy i have been with myself and my body , how the pusher, the achiever and the pleaser in me has been continuously abusing my body and my being , my whole life flashed and i realized I never really rest . The interesting part is after I acknowledged this fact , communicated with the body and committed that I would always be in communion with it , as I am writing this I have absolutely no pain .
Let's love our body , let's be in communion with our body , let's be grateful to this wonderful advisor we have , let's listen to it ...Love n grattitude !!!