Sunday, 18 January 2015

Law Of Attraction ...Simple Basics !! Sahar Gharachorloo

Some people ask me if law of attraction works then why doesn't it work all the time and why is it sometimes we want a certain thing but it does not happen no matter "how badly we want it".
Well first of all the sentence how badly I want it is not sounding positive at all ....Law of Attraction like any other universal law works at a certain frequency and of course a higher one , so if you want something very badly it is sounding as if you are operating from lack , when you operate from Lack , law of attraction will only create more lack .You require to desire everything from fulfillment , if you are grateful for what you have you will create more of what will make you more grateful .
Also realize Law of Attraction is a process of creating with awareness , the more you are aware of how you feel while thinking of creating what you desire to create , the faster you would create ! It's about constantly and continuously being aware of your thoughts and feelings and constantly changing the not so good feeling to feeling good and awesome about yourself , your Universe and what you have so far created ....