Sunday, 18 January 2015

Money Attracting Tools ....Money is not the problem !!! We are ....Sahar Gharachorloo

I get so many people who contact me for courses , workshops or therapies but tell me they can not pay for it as they are in a bad financial state .
As an intuitive healer, a therapist & someone who works with energy one thing has become evident that "We Create all that is going on in our life ", so when money is the problem that only indicates one thing and that is " Money is not the Problem , WE ARE ".
It is our own limiting beliefs, our conditioning and  our relationship with money that is the problem . Everything including us and including money is energy . The food we eat , the water we drink the oxygen we breathe , all is energy , we never worry about how much oxygen is going to be available to us , we take it for granted that there would be enough so why is it that we worry so much about money ?
Take a pen and paper and note down what's your belief about money ? What's your relationship with money ? Where did these come from ?
You will realize what you know about money is what people around you have told you about it.
What if you could create a phenomenal life without worrying about Money with so much ease as if it was magic ?
What if you could make money love you and pour into your life in abundance ?
What if Money was yummy and receiving money was so much fun ?

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