Friday, 25 January 2013

Why do we fear death ? ( Sahar Gharachorloo)

This time i have thought of writing about Death , the phenomena that is mostly misunderstood by most of us !
Whenever i have a class or i am just discussing energy there is at least one person with a similar question . I have been asked many times that if we as SOUL know that there is death and that there is a plan for the soul then why are we scared of death?

No one would have the exact answer , what I am writing here is from all that i have learnt and studied and I believe it can answer a lot of questions about death and can put a few minds at peace .
Death is a process of Life , when I say Life i mean the Life of a Soul, the truth is we are scared of death as our conscious mind that is so attached with the physical body observes Death as an end, an abrupt end to all that we feel, all that we have , all that we like.We see everything that makes us move away from the world known to us as death. when i say death i mean death of everything that exists in our conscious mind that causes attachment.
The second reason is the fear of unknown , this is on both physical (conscious level) as well as the mental ( conscious & sub conscious level) , human beings are resistant to change and fear anything that is unknown & so we fear death .
On a Soul level too there are reasons that despite the Soul knowing its plan and its journey, it would still not accept death , there are a few reasons for that too. The Soul too knows after death there would be another journey which is yet unknown, there would be another set of circumstances with known or un known existance from before and also knows where and how it has deviated from its path .

We need to understand we are energy , we may change shape or form but we are all interlinked .If we are able to accept this fact that we are just energy then the changes in life and the emotional , financial losses would not effect us or depress us because we would understand that the same energy would come back to us somewhere in some form.

What we need to understand is to accept death with a smile , we need to accept  that death is a part of our journey , yet another door to a new space in the same place, another chapter of the same book , another path to the same destination and its purpose is to educate us and make sure we reach the destination while we learn our lessons . Like in school we need to pass tests and graduate from each level to be awarded a degree, death is that last semester of each class ...........

Sahar Gharachorloo ( Reiki Grandmaster, Life Coach, Pranic Healer & Arhat Yogi, Crystal & Dowsing healing practioner, Law of attraction trainer , card and coffee reader)