Saturday, 5 January 2013

Science and Spirituality .....Sahar Gharachorloo....Law of attraction Trainer

As per quantum physics everything in this world is a particle, a form of energy .... and it has just got scattered , there have been scientific experiments that has proved when we divide an energy particle and separate the two parts , they are still connected through their energy field ..................Spirituality says the same , both quantum physics and spirituality have a point yet scientists often question if this entire universe is just scattered energy how is it that it is so well connected and works on certain laws??????This is where science stops and this is where Spirituality starts !!!
The answer is COMPASSION, compassion is one single force that keeps all these particles including all that exists together .....Sahar Gharachorloo ( Life coach, Motivational Speaker, Law of attraction trainer, Reiki Grandmaster , Arhat Yogi, Pranic healer, Magnified healer and Crystal & dowsing healing practitioner)