Monday, 14 January 2013

Give & Life will reward you in Kind....Importance of Donation !

      Man is allotted every day a certain amount of energy, determined by the number of heart-beats that pass through the physical body. That energy, when used to add to the good of the Universe, immediately creates a color radiance in the Aura - corresponding to the particular service for good that was rendered.

Whenever you break bread with the hungry man, bird, or animal wherein God's Supply is expressed for the comfort of any creatures, you increase that Green Ray within your Aura. When you endow money for the maintenance of hospitals, spiritual endeavors, monasteries and asylums from which God's children are to receive the Bread of Life and the necessities of life, your energy becomes part of that Mighty Green Flame within the Aura. Thus embodiment after embodiment, whenever a man casts his bread upon the Waters of Life, he sets into motion the very Substance of Life, which remains within his Causal Body to be precipitated back to him a thousand-fold. This is the Law of the circle. It is the Law scientifically used that many acknowledge when they say - "Give, and Life will reward you in kind"
Importance of Donation by Sahar Gharachorloo( Reiki Grandmaster, Life Coach, Pranic Healer & Arhat Yogi, Law of attraction trainer, Crystal & Dowsing practioner )