Friday, 16 November 2012

The Process of Forgiveness....Sahar Gharachorloo(Pranic Healer, Life Couch, Reiki Grandmaster)

I was in a group of adults , A student then .....We were all getting trained and groomed to be life couches , there was an 8 year old child amongst us who had come to sit with us till her father finishd the training....... A presentation was going on and there were 4 slides on forgiveness, once the topic was covered our trainer asked if anyone had a question and this little girl raised her hand...She wanted to know why did we have 4 slides on "Forgiveness"????? It is easy dad , every one makes mistakes and we say sorry, we hug and we are friends again, she said ..........Oh My God !!!! It was supposed to be that simple then what happened?
We end up keeping grudges, wasting time in planning revenge, spoil our health thinking about something that hurt us either intentional or unintentional and it takes us many days/months sometimes years to forgive and forget .We often hear people saying i have forgiven but i can not forget ....Well the fact is if you truly forgive , you would not remember and you do not need to try so hard to forget.
Forgiveness is a process, it has layers that we need to unfold, analyze, understand with an open mind and an open heart, forgive & LET GO!!!
We often fail at the last step but unless we let go we would not move on.
Those who forgive are the ones who live happy.....we need to look around and realize anything that is moving is what is surviving and progressing , when our mind gets stuck , we stop our own growth towards emotional abundance ....Its time we learn unless we let go we can not explore our emotional & mental potential to the fullest.............Sahar Gharachorloo( Life couch, Reiki Grandmaster, Pranic healer, Magnified Healer, Motivational Speaker, EFT/TFT, Crystal & Dowsing Healer)