Sunday, 18 November 2012

A Soul's Journey....Sahar Gharachorloo(Pranic Healer)

A Soul's journey is what he chooses to undergo !!
We often ask why did this happen to me ? Why do good people die with illnesses? Why do bad people live so long, enjoy wealth, power etc etc...
First of all there is no good or bad people , that is what we have categorized with the limited understanding that we have , for Universe we all are the same but at different time in our journey.We choose the path, we choose the partners, parents , we choose the pain and suffering , if we understand this simple concept , actually the truth of life,we would no more play the victim, we would then take responsibility of our actions and anything that happens in our life no matter how remote it is.
A soul's journey is to eventually reach oneness with the Higher Soul -"The Supreme Being"-.Some take more time to evolve and some choose to reach there faster , that is the only difference.
There are different universal laws to be understood and followed which we would discuss in future , for now just understand that "YOU CHOOSE EVERY LITTLE THING THAT HAPPENS IN YOUR LIFE, EVERY SINGLE MOMENT YOU SPEND IN LIFE is planned and designed by you"................Sahar Gharachorloo(Law of Attraction Trainer, Life couch, Motivational Speaker, Reiki Grandmaster, Magnified Healer, Crystal and Dowsing Healer, Pranic Healer(Arhat Yogi), Card and Coffee reader.)