Saturday, 10 November 2012

PRANIC HEALING IN CHANDIGARH, INDIA......Aura is biomagnatic field around you. get your aura cleansed and healed , for healthy body and peaceful mind, for protection from negative energy, negative atmosphere......Sahar Gharachorloo Pranic Healer in Chandigarh.....

Sahar Gharachorloo....Pranic Healer

Aura is a human energy field known as “Abha Mandal”, Bio magnetic field, bio plasma and subtle body.
Aura has two layers; Inner Aura and Outer Aura. In between these two is Health Aura. Any negative, dirty, diseased and foreign energy accumulates in Health Aura.
Aura also represents person’s mood, emotion, vitality and personality.
Aura can be scanned by hands and Aura rods. Aura photographs can be taken by Kerlian Photography, GDV cameras and PIP (Poly Contrast Interference Photography).
Aura is affected by diet, living style, and contact with negative person, place and energy, condition of home, atmosphere in home and at office, living with chronic ill patients, alcoholic person and depressed person.
If u keep your Aura clean and balanced it helps to lead a healthy and happy life.
Aura cleansing can be done professionally by Reiki healer/Pranic healer. If you learn Reiki Level-1 you can clean your Aura and Aura of your home and office